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Leela refuses at first, but is then teased about being unimpulsive. The Professor demonstrates his latest invention, the fing-longer by turning on the What-If Machine. Later, Fry works it out. The rangers inform him that they have to fix the time-space continuum or the universe will be destroyed. Leela walks in whistling nonchalantly. Gary Gygax Glab Debut: The two fight, with their battle causing massive damage.

She kills Bender by exposing him to the radiation from an open microwave oven and turns his body into a toy car. Fry gets to ask a question. Fry’s request for a repeat of Bender’s question is denied, so he asks: Retrieved from ” https: All that remains is Fry and the Rangers, floating in a featureless void. Bender offers to take the first turn and asks what would happen if he were feet tall.

Bender lands near Fry and the two become friends. Bender wants to aks it a question.

Futurama S 2 E 16 Anthology Of Interest I / Recap – TV Tropes

This article is about an episode the canon of which is considered disputed. The remaining staff gather in the Accusing Parlor. She kills the Professor by kicking him into his pit of man eating anteaters to get the money.

While Bender is distracted, Zoidberg cuts Bender’s feet off and he is impaled on the Empire State Buildingslowly killing him. This causes a turf war between the two giants. Content is available under Attribution-Share Alike 3. Good night, sweet prince. The Professor asks Leela to ask a question. That question is less stupid, though you asked it in a profoundly stupid way. Leela then karate-kicks Farnsworth on an impulse, inadvertently sending him into a pit housing his pet man-eating anteaters where he is devoured alive.


That’s more like it! Fry then takes over Bender’s body by wearing him like a suit creating a combination dubbed “Frender” and gets him under control. The Professor throws away the What-If Machine because he didn’t think the stories were realistic, but declares the fing-longer a success.

Terror at Feet — Bender is built on another planet to be feet tall and comes to Earth to wreak havoc.

Fry and Bender agree to not tell anyone about what happened. McMasters assures them that the whole thing was staged to help build trust and the monster, Blorgulax, is his business associate. Realizing she went too far, Leela resolves to chew gum on the next murderous impulse.

Zoidberg attempts to solve the mystery. This page was last edited on 13 Januaryat The crew gathers together later that day, and Fry publicly accuses Bender. The surviving crew members run out of the panic room and arm themselves with laser pistols.

Anthology of Interest I

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Quit rubbing our noses in it. In turn, Amy accuses Leela of using her golf club to pound dents out of the Planet Express ship.


You need to login to do this. This website is tracked by Quantcast. Farnsworth ‘s What-If Machine tells three stories. Eisode Professor tells Leela that he has designated her as his sole heir due to her lack of impulsiveness. My next clue came at 4: CubertScruffy and Nibbler independently realize who the murderer is and meet their demise as they are about to expose Leela, all on the same sword. As the title suggests, this is a Three Shorts anthology episode of Futurama.

Murder on the Planet Express

A tearful Fry admonishes the citizens of New New York about the tragedy of Bender, whose final words lament his inability to fulfill futjrama dream to kill all humans. Amy insults her by saying that the go-cart is sexier than her, which causes Leela to kill her and stuff the body inside a grandfather clock. Before entering the cryogenic tube, Fry smashes it with the mace, unknowingly creating a paradox, which causes the universe to collapse into a space-time rift.