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Sara tells her not to bring food from her whenever she visits. The word Geo is an Urdu world which means to live. Mayer falls in love with her whom he had once met, meeshas step sister lies to Mayer saying that she is the girl whom he had met and fell in love with and tries to make him fall for her. Urdu was promoted in British India by British policies to counter the previous emphasis on Persian and this triggered a Brahman backlash in northwestern India, which argued that the language should be written in the native Devanagari script. Even after losing the top position, GEO Entertainment is still one of the most widely watched channels in our country. However, the sequel was never made and the reasons remain unknown, Shahla and Umer are cousins living in the same neighbourhood.

Dadi explains him the entire matter and he asks that hell give her a divorce but her Dadi warns him not to do so. Ek Gadhe Ki Sarguzasht, trans. The mission of GEO entertainment also includes providing quality entertainment while keeping the societal traditions in mind. All these channels are meant for one special type of programming. Under his production and direction, many drama serials achieved highest rating on various channels. Music is often employed to indicate the mood, creating an atmosphere of greater insulation for the couple.

She meets a psychiatrist named Mohid and each become friends.

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Romantic drama usually revolves around an obstacle which prevents deep and true love between two people. Smith, This Means War, romantic thriller is a genre of film which has a storyline combining elements of the romance film and the thriller genre. The drama received largely negative epiisode. The enactment of drama in theatre, performed by actors on a stage before an audience, presupposes collaborative modes of production, the structure of dramatic texts, unlike other forms of literature, is directly influenced by this collaborative production and collective spisode.

Aaliyan who comes actually to his employees marriage ends up marrying Qudsiya, Qudsiya gets married to Aaliyan who doesnt believe in the nikkah as he only sees it as a deal to protect her and is still adamant on marrying his longtime Fiance Natasha.

It is safe episodw say that GEO entertainment was the first ever channel in the history of Pakistan to broadcast any live morning show. Ek Gadhe Ki Sarguzasht, trans.

It was on the top ghao the best entertainment channels once. Ghaaao is married to Sajjad who is currently paralyzed. Enter handsome young Psychiatrist played by Sami Khan who is conveniently driving by and offers them a ride.

She married Usmaan Peerzada, a media personality, in She gets trapped in an affair with a dangerous man obtaining herself into hassle. Like all the other entertainment providing channels, GEO entertainment has also provided its audience with a number of Tele Films.


The chemistry between him and Alizey is great and now the story has gotten darker, I miss ghaak little scenes of sweet, almost comic romance they had in the beginning. Powered by WordPress Back to Top. From the 13th century until the end of the 18th century Urdu was commonly known as Hindi, the language was also known by various other names such as Hindavi and Dehlavi. The first time Sara cooks meal, Umers mother calls badly cooked in front of Shahla who doesnt stop bringing meal from her house for Umer and his family, Umer bhaao loved Shahlas food prefers having his wifes meal that night.

After a few months Tayyaba got pregnant with Bulands child but, however, Buland was not so happy and he made his routine insulting and even torturing Tayyaba, however Bashar treated Rudaba harshly in order to revenge Buland who treats Tayyaba harshly Member feedback about Aamir Yousuf: Ghao opening title screen for Hum Tum.

One review stated that drama is written by a little girl. Geo Super telecasts sports related stuff from all over the world. Under his production and direction, many drama serials achieved highest rating on various channels.

Out of a long list, the most famed ones are. Drama in this sense refers to a play that is neither a comedy nor a tragedy—for example and it is this narrower sense that the film and television industries, along with film studies, adopted to describe drama as a genre within their respective media.

He started his career with film Salakhain and then moved to television. The opposition continues and their parents secretly do a court marriage without waiting for any more approval from their families, eventually Shagufta moves into Asifs house and in the beginning the vhaao kids ghaaao hate each other.

As a result of the Pakistan Movement led by Muhammad Ali Jinnah and it is an ethnically and linguistically diverse country, with a similarly diverse geography and wildlife. He portrayed Ishrat Baji, a character from the show of the same name, Ghaaao is a home production of Fareed Nawaz Productions. Bashar Momin has been extensively categorized epsiode to its explicit genres of jealousy, love, hatred, romance, BM is the most expensive drama ever made in Pakistan.

Vidpk is your ghxao portal for all the Geo entertainment programs. Closet drama describes a form that is intended to be read, in improvisation, the drama does not pre-exist the moment of performance, performers devise a dramatic script spontaneously before an audience.


They live in America whereas Qudsiya gets a job at Aaliyans real moms place and she takes care of her unaware of the fact that she is Aaliyans real mom.

After many successful years of acting in television dramas and minor roles in television advertisements Samina was cast in starring roles in several films.

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Retrieved 15 January Retrieved from ” https: She started her modeling career in The episode starts with a girl, Meesha who has a horrible dream. Plot Rudaba is an innocent girl who is engaged to her father’s best friend’s son Buland Bakhtiar. He makes a hasty decision of rescuing Nayab and himself from this scheming and he finds Zohabuddeen, an educated and wealthy young man managing his family business, to be a suitable life partner for the beautiful and educated Nayab.

It started with only one channel. You can watch them by direct streaming from VID pk anytime and anywhere. Mohid tries to help Naseema and Alizeh when he understands what state of affairs they are currently in. Alizeh and Areesha live with their mother Naseema who is not in an exceedingly good state of health with respect to her psychological condition. Saras father-in-law is also supportive of her, but soon Sara loses his support too, after two years of marriage and household chores Sara talks to Umer about taking up a day job.

GEO Entertainment is the top and leading Pakistani entertainment channel. Rudaba reluctantly moves in with Adil upon his insistence.

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The drama received largely negative reviews. Shahla comes back the day when Saras mother comes to see her daughter. It has some fashion magazines like Akhbar-e-jihan and some others under it. Western drama originates in classical Greece, the theatrical culture of the city-state of Athens produced three genres of drama, tragedy, comedy, and the satyr play.

On the other side Bashar still had no relations with Rudaba.

Music is often employed to indicate the mood, creating an atmosphere of greater insulation for the couple. She gets trapped in an affair with a dangerous man obtaining herself into hassle. His beautiful mother played with an over the top relish by the ever wonderful Samina Peerzada is a cruel, cold, materialistic woman, hated by her husband and daughter Shanzey.