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In Frenchman’s Creek , I fell in love with the descriptions of Cornwall, with the atmosphere, with the way the pirate’s life was described. Perhaps it is her unique voice which I find hypnotic. Her re-iteration several times in the novel that women can never have true enduring freedom because of their biological role in life is dismal. The narrator thus must do battle with The Other Woman—the dead Rebecca and her witch-like surrogate, Mrs Danvers—to win the love of her husband and father-figure. I read the edition. I always think I will want to add some of the lines or notes when I write my review. It is not easy to put into words.

This novel will appeal to all those who desire to escape from reality and pursue a dream world of their own imagination. Du Maurier wrote three plays. View all 6 comments. She has an uncanny ability to keep you on edge. Her scenes are vividly drawn and I could easily picture the beauty of the surroundings as they were described. I want you to read this book. An English lady falls madly in love with a French Pirate. Edit Did You Know?

Daphne Du Maurier wrote the hell out of this book.

Her body was cremated and her ashes scattered off the cliffs at Fowey, Kilmarth, Cornwall. And the DVD cover also made it appear to be focused on high seas adventure and swashbuckling pirates.

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On Disc at Amazon. It felt like quite a summer read for me as it deals with the sea so much and I’d totally recommend it! Perhaps she doesn’t fall as much in love with him as with what he represents: Sir Frederick Browning m. He stayed deadpan most of the time and that’s what made me laugh so much, he meant so much behind every single one of his words.


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Frenchman’s Creek

I have to say that I’ve been surprised by enjoying a historical fiction and romance dilm —both genres I don’t francezjlui like— but this is an entertaining and wonderfully written book that touched me from page one. Happiness is elusive–coming perhaps once in a life-time–and approaching ecstasy. Du Maurier spent much of her life in Cornwallwhere most of her works are set.

Jun 24, Kelly September – Frenchman’s Creek 69 72 Oct 03, There’s barely any sensual touching, still, to me, this was hotter than any other modern romance novel that spares no details describing intimate acts.

Cu Anda Onesa, Geo Costiniu. And yes there is a bit of romance thrown in as well. Above all, however, she was obsessed with her own family history, which she chronicled in Gerald: The locals are restless with the recent attacks from French pirates and Dona soon finds herself swept up in it all as it appears it is her house and land they have been using as their hideaway and the handsome Frenchman Jean-Benoit Aubery impossible to resist. Happiness is elusive — coming perhaps once in a life-time — approaching ecstasy.

Frenchman’s Creek – Daphne Du Maurier. Retrieved 13 April Wayne and Yassir get It was one of the sweetest endings that I have read quite a while in a book.

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Loved, loved, loved this novel. I just couldn’t respect the characters or their choices.

Mar 14, In the French pirate she meets, she finds a soul mate who equals her thirst for adventure; with him she finds love, happiness and true contentment in life and learns what is important in life. UK Network and Production Companies: Throw in lots of adventure, danger and daring escapes and this story is a real winner.


Look at global population in a whole new light, when countries on the world map are drawn based on population numbers instead of their usual borders. Her third play, September Tideportrays a middle-aged woman whose bohemian artist son-in-law falls for her.

I’m already getting off course, but what I meant was: After performances, the production transferred to the Strand Theatrewith Jill Furse taking over as the second Mrs De Winter and Mary Merrall as Mrs Danvers, with a further run of performances. She was the complete reverse. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Sections of this page. Charles Boyer stars as the new superintendent of a progressive mental hospital. Don’t worry about things. The pirate, who is handsome, well-read and independently wealthy, but justifies his piracy because he’s a Robin Hood, stealing from the unworthy rich and giving to the poor.

Dona and her children thrive in the country life, but not all is as it seems – there’s a bit of a mystery surrounding the servant in charge of the house, let alone wondering who has been sleeping in her room and left behind a pouch of tobacco and a book of poetry.