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And my eyes have rested enough hopefully: April 11, at 6: But I’m bad at angry. My belief is that a fangirl can have as many k-loves as her heart can hold. That hand holding scene more than made up for the angst of ep It would be soooo cute!!! Notify me of new comments via email.

Due to its success, a spin-off series, Prince Hours , was broadcast in Why can’t she have feelings for the sweet nice guy instead of the twat?! Or are they staying there…together? I am really very happy that I decided to re-watch this one, and that I took my time with it this time. No ID, no entry. Don’t let YY hear that about grampa:

Anonymous February 17, at 5: When she felt sick and the possibility of her being pregnant came up, I was like “They got to do something that has as result a baby?! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Review: Goong [Princess Hours]

Shin’s got a good heart, I just wish he’d let it show! In a sageuk, this procession would be greeted by commoners standing on dusty sageuk streets, but here, the streets are modern, as are the commoners. I dislike Reecap more than I dislike her though. As it has been this entire ep.

We knew this plot was coming since Day One! She did a lot of that to herself.


Up until now gecap i feel the urgency to watch it again, I watch it to my hearts content. I enjoyed this scene because Shin was out of the palace staying in an ordinary household. I just love this line – “Less broody, more kissy.

Okay, I think we were being punished in this list for saying how easy the last one was in picking our top 10 drama tropesbecause damn if picking our This scene happened after the Taiwan trip.

Four years after it was a drama sensation, Goong aka Princess Hours is being turned into a musical.

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Our couple gets backed into a hoong, and everyone comes over with a bad case of Noble Idiocy. Watch episode 12 English Subbed http: I like seeing how other people translate, for a few reasons. It is a single bed This is no comparison; cute, but not as exciting.

So Chae Kyung was exiled to Macau for bringing shame to the royal family — and to satisfy the court of public opinion. While Chae Gyung is close to nothing yet she has the freedom and all the love she needs recal feel alive.

Throwback Thursday: Princess Hours / Goong

The upside is, we episde get a happy ending for our OTP. This scene is so emotional, you can feel the Prince melting away giving Chae Gyung the warmest hug of her life. Ah, the pace can feel slow. This year and onwards, this blog will be devoted to my literary side. Again, click CC for the subs:.


It’s not just because “they’ve gone this far” it’s more because their pride can’t let them stop. I particularly love her facial expressions.

Daniela February 10, at I love the reccap fuss that Shin and Chae Kyung get into, over who gets to sleep on the very small, very single bed, and how they end up sharing it. Love Chae Kyung’s friends, hate Shin’s: Even Cooler Than You Know. This is a great review. Definitely want more romantic cuteness and less angst.

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Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: It was the first drama that got me into kdramas! I think this is why the show still works for me now, in spite of its slower pace. April 10, at 4: With the episoode fresh on my mind I ran right over here to read your review!