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This image, and the audio that goes with it in my head just reminds me of watching the classic reruns every night with my dad at 5 and 5: Thought you guys might dig this. Nostalgia is often triggered by something reminding you of a happier time. Did you wait at least 15 minutes before notifying us? Submit a new text post. Did you use imgur. Thank you for that extremely vivid playback in my head!

According to Simpsons Confidential , Brooks gave The Simpsons’ writing staff free rein, as he firmly believed they were the most important part of the process, [3] and “in the legal battles over The Simpsons , it was Fox that was being sued, not Gracie Films”. All the classics and some of the new good stuff. When I was a child, I would always get really scared after a Simpsons Halloween episode when a lady would scream once that popped up instead of the shhhh. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Safe for Work links only. What is scary I did that the last few years of high school and watched my son do it as well.

My thought as well. Indian Paintbrush Boyle-Taylor Productions. I use to think those were grave stones and some random hand came out of the graves to say “shh” before they flashed the logo and played the jingle. The original is clearly recorded on analog tape and thus it like halfway between C and C.

I know I will”.

Ill try it on the korg kronos. A limit of five posts per day 24 hours is reasonable. Talk Contributions Create account Log in. It meant it was time to go to bed.


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Episode Character Quote ” Moonshine River “. I was like meh I’ll check it out I heard their not as good as they used to be. She’s the only one making noise! Fire up the time machine!

Once you see it one way, its difficult to see the other. Want to add to the discussion? Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Excited the hell out of me Or watch the Christmas episode again for the th time: Have you found a good solution to either randomize episodes or filmz set up some sort of rotating schedule?

Film and television animation production.

Episode Character Trivia ” The Serfsons ” logo was not seen. This is probably the jingle that represents my childhood the most aside from the windows 95 start-up theme. Or at least in reruns. When I was a kid I always thought this was somehow tied to my local library, which had Grace in its name reading wasn’t a strong skill of mine.

The company was established to “provide real writers with a vehicle to get their movies made”. My parents used to record it on VHS for me because it would come on at 8: Certain posts are automatically approved. Smothers Brothers and Homer Simpson. Id give em up.

I hear this on the beginning of dvr recordings all the time as the show I actually recorded is about to start. Want to add to the discussion? Submit a new link. So this prompted me to check, and I’ll be dammed if Tristar didn’t make or distribute syh LOT of movies that I watched growing up: The company has produced many award-winning films and television series, including Big, Broadcast News, Jerry Maguire, and most notably The Simpsons.


All this meant to me is that the Simpsons is over and I gotta wait a whole week for another episode and school again tomorrow: I’m a bot working hard to help Redditors find related videos to watch. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Reruns of ” Fi,ms with Abie “. This reminds me of filmx in high school and watching Simpsons. I made this real quick, it’s the electric grand patch in the the MKS Or Moppets Take Manhattan?

There’s an over the air antenna yracie called LAFF that is basically this. They still use it at least variations of it.

Either way, I’m in! Its like looking at those two-things-in-one picture. Submit a new text post.

Gracie Films

Submit a new link. You may repost image with imgur and provide a link in the comments, however. We had this routine until we moved to Okinawa in late I’ve built my own media server for this purpose.