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From the fall on onwards, he finds himself in Russia – in Russia, where the great outcome of the war will be decided. Ridler in “War in the Precious Graveyard: There is though one very sinister glimpse of that horror, and what had thus far been ‘dealt with’ by the authorities, on the first page, September ’42 when en route to the front from basic training, via Poland, Sajer and co. Or ten thousand combined per day shared. It is not that of a writer; it is that of a man, who, in his words and pictures, sometimes awkward, perhaps grandiose, but always possessing of a peculiar power, is trying to say something, that has never been said before. The moral argument he attempts against the ‘underhand’ techniques of the guerillas is completely flawed.

The debate is available, just search the web, I’ve ready the book 2 or 3 times, either way it’s a good one. Fantastic book, i really hope they can do it justice. And not even a German, but a French man. He doesn’t ever seem to accept that Germany had invaded the continent, and that people without an army fighting for them, had the right to fight back – by whichever means available. This is a beautiful, painful, brutal book that anyone looking for a firsthand account of the horrors of combat and war should read. Let’s hope they go through with it. Nov 03, 4triplezed rated it really liked it Shelves:

He later volunteered to join a crack combat division called the Grosse Deutschland. He has made WW2 movies before, but this one was going to be different. Been a lot of debate over the years about it’s authenticity. It provides a bit more background to Forrgotten and where he came from.

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Amazing, shocking, and unforgettable. It is not easy for many, considering the crimes committed, and for the well informed Sajer does not make it much easier. This child of nineteen, whose trial cause him to speak like an old man, no longer even knows how to cry To pull quotes out of this would be impossible for me. The best part of this book solddier me at this stage in my life was hearing the similarities between an average German soldier in WW2 and knowing how close his story was to an American soldier’s story.


He was a soldier in the German army 67 years ago but, some of his descriptions of life as a soldier in a combat zone ring true to my own experiences. Archived from the original PDF on However, does Through vuy eyes of Guy Sajer, I have rediscovered the putrid horror of war and the interminable depth of the human soul. His unit was lucky to retreat; often they were surrounded and had to fight their way out of encirclement. You will fully understand the brutality of war, the brutality of the Soviets and the Nazis.

With a kind of death grip, Sajer holds on to his reader, simultaneously appealing to him for absolution and denying his right to judge.

Find More Posts by Doug Nash. The disastrous retreat continues as it becomes clear that all is lost. He even at one point has a good thing to say about Adolf Hitler. Apr 25, Nooilforpacifists rated it really liked it. Instead of triumph, he lives only carnage upon carnage at Smolensk, Kharkov, Stalingrad, and again Kharkov, Kiev, and especially Memel.

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Guy, and takes on his mother’s family name: You want it to end, but, conversely, want the exquisite experience of reading the heart-aching, expressive prose to go on. I read Sajer’s book sajeg in the early ’70s. My dad lost szjer best friend on Guadalcanal. Hell, I’m Canadian, but I always knew the real battle was in the East against the huge tank divisions of Germany and those of Russia. It is an unrecognizable ghost who arrives, on a mild evening in the late fall season, in the area of Wissembourg.

Then one day these volumes came to us; here they are. His vivid descriptions of the Russian landscape, combat against the Bolsheviks, the bombings of cities in Germany and their aftermath, are amazing. Nazi flags fly over the Great North [N. Ridler in “War in the Precious Graveyard: I read this book while enduring Officer Candidate School. Find More Posts by DennyB.


But in peacetime one should never, even for an instant, long for war! During the terrible moments of war one longs for peace with a passion that is painful to bear. I should perhaps end my account here, because my powers are inadequate for what I have to tell.

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It’s written in clear, impactful but poetically reflective prose. Jan 22, Amit rated solldier it was amazing Shelves: The ending was moving. The British writer Alan Clarkauthor of Barbarossa: These German soldiers seem to him to be magnificent warriors, supermen. The best part of this book for me at this sjer in my life was hearing the similarities between an average German soldier in WW2 and knowing how close his s Meh.

I was shivering as I read this account. In a word it was brutal. One does not want to forget the horrors of the Nazis, but in recognizing the horror of the experience for men caught up in it, there is a hope for forgiveness and reconciliation. What pride to know what soldifr human soul can survive! I’m sure that what you take away from this may be different depending upon what you bring to it and what it is that you’re looking for.

The Forgotten Soldier is a must read.