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Good luck with your choice! Overall, if the roots of the are still present, the calibre A11 is a widely improved version, with evolutions and upgrades on most parts. The second Habring 2 watch that I purchased, for instance, was a jumping-seconds piece. The pincers fall onto the split seconds wheel, holding it in position, while the chronograph seconds hand continues to run. When the chronograph is started, the two hands start simultaneously. To be able to repair our own watches without ETA. Richard Habring has been involved in the technical development of watch movements both for major brands and under his own name since Richard was free to use his own creation again.

August 16, at 6: The pusher on the left rules! Hour, minute display, small running seconds hand; stop-seconds hand and minute counter; split-seconds hand Manual winding Triovis fine adjustment Escapement parts in chronometer quality Shock-proof in accordance with DIN and NIHS 23 rubies 48 hours of power reserve when fully wound service-relevant individual components Case: At the time, his completely new approach convinced not only his colleagues but also the patents office. Furthermore, it is good to know that most of the parts are produced by Richard and Maria, or by local suppliers — also located in Austria. The Foudroyante is an historical first, combining dead-beat seconds with a so-called “Foudroyante” or flashing seconds.

The Value Proposition: The Habring² Doppel-Felix Split-Seconds Chronograph – HODINKEE

To keep things simple, most Habring2 watches are housed in 42mm cases made by renowned German case maker, Fricker, though watcch few models and are now available in a smaller 36mm-case. Introducing The Swatch Flymagic. Accurate chronometer measurement and superior reliability are the result of small-scale manufacturing and assembly.

This was the same recipe that Richard Habring once developed for IWC Schaffhausen, which initially incorporated this movement in the Pilot Doppel Chronograph and later in other watches. The integration of the split function inside the Valjoux was not easy hanring2 to the fact that the movement comes pre-built with automatic winding which denies access to the central chronograph seconds wheel. As for the specifications, nothing very surprising here with its 4Hz frequency and hour power reserve even though Habring uses a different mainspring.

Not as minimalistic as Felix hxbring2 Erwin, doppel really vintage but with some s codes, the watch is balanced and highly attractive. For me the watches are a perfect marriage of design, functionality and practicality. Really quite elegant in its simplicity.


For more information on the Doppel 2. It does away with the traditional tri-compax layout so familiar to Valjoux-based chronographs, instead opting for a simpler, more classic dual-register dial, with running seconds yabring2 the left and elapsed minutes on the right and overlaid center seconds hands. The final version has a diameter of 0.

The pusher on the left rules! Thank you again, Gary, for another excellent and insightful read. The main point of interest of this movement is well-known: On top sits a domed sapphire crystal, which again helps to attenuate the feeling of thickness and adds to the charm of this watch. When you open that simple box upon delivery, in addition to the watch itself there are maintenance dop;el including a spare crown, gaskets, spring bars, and hands. Actually the cam-layout was what deserved the patent since previously, split second mechanisms were operated by a separate column wheel.

He did it with a bit of genius engineering that turned the ubiquitons Valjoux into a very special watch.

All you have to do is ask! While Richard and Maria Habring were already famous for the development of a simplified Doppelchronograph module adapted on a Valjoux — which they did on the Doppel 2. The chronograph running, with the split hand and center seconds hand running together. Overall, if the roots of the are habrring2 present, the calibre A11 is a widely improved version, with evolutions and upgrades on most parts.

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As always with this movement this is also true for IWC modelsthe look is technical, almost utilitarian. Subscribe to our newsletter? Also, it a warm and charming watch with its gold-coloured indices and hands, with the exception of the minuter counter and the main chronograph hand, which are silver-coloured.

Back inif you wanted to time two concurrent events with the same chronograph, you needed a pair of column wheels and a lot of money.

Thanks for commenting, and for your views on Habring2. The watch actually improves upon habrin2 original version. Alternate dial and hand set provided with Habring2 Sports Chronograph.


Doppel 2.0 – 20 years in the making

Cookies make it easier for us to provide you with our services. The decoration is pleasant, with perlage on the rattrapante bridge, blued cams and various finishing techniques soleillage, straight graining, bevelling….


Worth an email to them if you are interested! With both Habrings as shareholders, their new small company started to specialize in watch movement development and small series assembly of fine watches and clocks until inwhen CEO Maria gave the green light for their most successful project yet: While a chronograph is already a difficult complication to build, adding the rattrapante to it requires even more skill. For a refresher, check out our story the IWC caliberwhich details both the functioning of the split-seconds module, as well as how the base Valjoux caliber was modified to accept it.

The activation of the chronograph is done thanks to two cams and the rattrapante is controlled by a traditional yet simplified pair of clamps. COS stands for “crown operation system” — a simple but effective solution to operate the chronograph function entirely without pushers. Neither the case, the case back or the crown have a logo or an inscription, something that adds to the sleek look of the watch and to the sensation of exclusivity — the feeling of having a custom-made product rather than a mass luxury product that needs to tell the world where it comes from.

Maybe I should ask them to make a blue dial Doppel 3 for me. September 4, at 8: In order to allow the Good luck with your choice! It is quite a thick watch too, somewhere in between For this reason, the calibre A11 shares many of its specifications with the non-copyright-protected Valjoux — dimensions, position of the hand axis, position of the gear train to adapt the clutch and easily create the connection between the base movement and the Doppelchronograph module.

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