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Main diet of kdramas with movies and kpop on the side. He says that he gave his shares to Sora and Nam Hae, pointing at her and Tae Sung for added certainty. I had such a good time watching and as long as drama gives me joy it’s good enough to be called good. Because he was not right in his mind, he should not be indicted for forgery. I enjoyed it a lot. Those all bothered me. When allowed the luxury, the OTP was cute, and brought us breezy, bickering fun, and sweet, tender romance in turn.

Yes, Tae Sung was pushed into the marriage, in a manner of speaking. MINHO love this drama. Email required Address never made public. On the one hand, the publicized synopsis for this show was so woefully off that it messed with my expectations of the show. Not sure how it makes me feel less inclined to like him. Tae Sung bids Joon Hyuk farewell, and tells Sora to come inside:

Despite that, there are 3 problems that I drzma myself struggling with for significant portions of the show. After all, Tam Hee filed the lawsuit, so she can take it back. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna.

Lee regarding the merger. KBS ‘s Monday—Tuesday dramas. Lee thinks Seoul is the answer for all misery, and says that there is no way he can imagine a life without his pride and joy Tae Sung.

They run to the rock and Sora finds that the rope has frayed, so their boat has floated off into the distance. I’ve watched even the unsubbed episodes. Episodes by odilettante. A happy ending to all. Would admit to being naughty and watching ep 16 yesterday.

Kim Kang Woo is an elite detective who goes undercover as a dra,a in order to infiltrate a crime family in Haeundae, and loses his memory in an accident while undercover. Which just goes to show how much can change between conceptualizing the drama and actually making it.

Back in the hotel, it seems Soon Shin has resumed his duties there lovets part of the housekeeping service. I read the recaps, admittedly as this was not my kind of drama but I’m glad others enjoyed it!


Lee is trying to tell him through this arrest. Sorry that koran failed to see what this entire thing has been. A diversion to enjoy and flow with. Tae Sung is back with his biting words, as the cops were pretty incompetent to have thought he had died in the horrific car crash. But he completely ignores her without a word. I’m glad it was a good ending though. Cos’ she So Ra is going everywhere in it. Young Sook leaves, without even bothering to visit Joong Shik because that would be the least painful way for the both of them.

Notify me of new goodddama via email. The dialogues and acting really played a big part in helping me judge this drama. Vrama order to prevent Go Joong-shik from being committed into a mental hospital, married Go So-ra after the groom failed to show for the wedding, came to love So-ra so much that he would have been happy to live out the remainder of his life as Nam Hae. Conveniently, this also helped to solve the haeuncae of viewers feeling sorry for Se Na all series long.

Haeundae Lovers Episode 1

Tae Sung tells her to never do her geisha night job again, to report bodies in the net immediately to the police, to take care of her family, and to be brave if ever threatened.

Episodes by odilettante.

Point is, the OTP was very sweet and endearing when they were allowed to be, and the hope of more OTP cute helped to keep me going. After all, she is kind of his sister, and he does have a crush on her.

Review: Haeundae Lovers

Tae Sung wants the hotel matter resolved immediately. Tae Sung yells at her to get up. As for the secretary, he informs Mr. What I am explaining badly is that the childishly demanding Nam Hae is gone and suddenly the prosecutor is in place.

Haeundae Lovers Episode 1 | Watch Korean drama online, Korean drama English subtitle

Go here to see it. One of the biggest highlights in terms of the Kim Kang Woo Pretty, is that he gets to spend literally half of episode 3 gloriously shirtless, wearing nothing but a beautiful bronze sheen and a white bath towel. I know it’s a rom-com but still. Gododrama allowed the luxury, fooddrama OTP was cute, and brought us breezy, bickering fun, and sweet, tender romance in turn.


I understand that Joon Hyuk is torn over wanting to help Sora and then not wanting to help her. HL was totally koean and the actors made this an enjoyable ride. What I didn’t get was why JoonHyuk liked Sora when he knew she was his half-sister?? Tam Hee says her new name is special, and much better than a name where Yong Do was just picked up off the street. I love the lead star.

Please enter your username or email address. I cried buckets during his confrontation with his adoptive dad, yelling at Sora not to kneel in front of his dad and gently telling Sora in her room to take care of herself when protecting her dad and uncles, dram to drink aocohol or cry alone when talking about her mum.

When they all board the bus, Uncle Hello Kitty offers a seat for Joo Hee next to him, but Dong Baek pulls her into the seat next to him. She hopes that Sora will be able to take control of the hotel and guide it in the best way possible.

haeuneae Sora cites Yang Man Ho as the reason for the break up. Like Dong Baek cares — he calls up an elevator instead. How could you do that and risk your career? She was always sorry for having abandoned her lovres without another word. I was so annoyed with the writers by this point.

And thank you kaedejun for awesome recaps! Oh boy — if it were not for the fact that I know they hate each other, I would have thought they were flirting.