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Thank you In Advance. The most recent 2. What NAS do you have? All system data about your collection is stored in a special system location, and nothing is stored inside the folders which store video files. Is there a way to install an NFS on the Dune? It is a complete fanless setup, and works like a charm.

Thumbgen as a jukebox for dune players? I think it still possible to buy but I think it is only player, I can confirm tomorrow.. I would honestly go with that approach over EXT2. So as an experiment i made a moviesheet with thumbgen and renamed it to the same name as the sheet produced by zappiti. You needed a firmware update to play the movie 3. I think the beta fw had a bug where if you played back DVDs ripped or disc the audio would stutter.

Hi Damian Do you have any suggestions for the following problem.

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Windows mediaplayer on my PC, for example is easily capable of doing this! The TV mixes these to screens to a 3D output. Everybody talks about Dune being a great mediacenter.

The most recent 2. The GUI is responsive and smooth and has nice animation effects.

Review: Dune HD Smart D1 Media Player

The Smart D1 is about 2. I have never had a need for this feature jukeboc I know others that have asked for. Setting Up and Using Remote Potato.

How to remove music duplicates? Products like the WD live plus may be easier to live with and have better WAF or dare i say it a boxee?!

Hi, Must be an optional fan slot. I believe 3TB drives work with the Dune but honestly I have never used. Mvie change is that you need to rescrape your movies for TMDB a message box actually pops up telling you this. Thank you In Advance. If you want to remove an album from the list, click the red cross button next to it. TboggieJan 21, I have a network pvr that can play quite a lot of video and wish to drop in a hdd into the dune and have it be the nas server.


Hello Damian, great thanks. Check the list and edit wrong album names all titles can be edited. Finally, click “Create” to build a music dhne for your Dune. But I think that anyway it will be easy for you to match to your own language buttons are the same, only the description is changing.

You are just going to want to set up system storage, and then decide if you are going to use a jukebox. There is one point I just do not get: The native Dune network browser jukenox fine. I decided to test playback using the latest Dune IP beta firmwarewhich can be found here.

How to show movie covers on Dune HD players?

Hi Damian, First time here. Internal flash drive can be used as system storage for BD Live and if you want to add shortcuts to the main menu Bdi Damian. On a side note, these Dunes are looking mighty tempting. Thanks in advance Nikos. I have never used the Mede8er although I have heard very good things about.

Also in the file browser can you search for a file within a drive and can someone confirm you can use a powered usb hub on this with as jumebox drives as your hub can take. After a scan, all movies from the folder will be shown in the list 3.

Movies — individual movie files can be in one big folder or they can be in subfolders Separate folder for each movie and my preferred method. How do I find duplicates in my music collection? Dune D1 plays anything you would want in the video area. I Have a samsung 3D plasma and no problem. Dune D1 connected to my router 3. Quick rundown on the install: Before talking about setting up I just wanted to briefly discuss library mogie So you can still use YEAR after the movie name, no problem.


Setting up yaDIS 2. Moving files to that drive takes forever through the rune. Then tried clearing the collection from the USB disks and only working with the movies on the nas. Here is a good article: At first it appeared it would do the trick, but you mention that its not really suitable for a mainly music use….

Looks like the major change is TMDB support. Related How to rename video files? Other templates have been created by Yadis users and a topic is available sticky on the yadis section in the MPCC forum.

If you only have network drives then you can start with any of them, it doesn’t matter. You can put a title directly in the Checked green status. This path is nothing more but the path to your files but “translated” into the language Dune. The easiest way to explain is sbs side by side 3D is typically half resolution although you could have full sbs.

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Juoebox you know of issues with the settings for video on P and having an HDready television? Thanks once again, and have a merry christmas! This is where it all happens. Is that a kwown error, or should I return this one too?