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What was Tan trying to achieve? On one hand I get the feeling KES expects us to “understand” him and that makes me sick on the other I feel she may be smarter, at least about him, and just wrote the character as a psycho, abusive bully. I like that KT has backed off, I think it’s time ES came to him instead of always the other way around. She did not see him clearly at all at that distance. Madam Han is a breath of fresh air in this drama of characters that are going nowhere! Still life with all that you possess, sang CEO still too emotional with the departure of her lover.

And my heart broke in the slow-mo hallway scene. I did, however, love Madam Han impersonating Eun-sang, and for that scene alone I found this episode enjoyable. She’ll be in some serious pickle. I will be back later to respond, as I have to go attend to real life. Eun Sang should not be a consolation prize for poor damaged Young-Do. It actually makes sense to me.

It’s also why he continues to love and reach out to Won despite his numerous, cold rejections.


August November 6, at 9: There are many things in the world an “I’m sorry” no matter how sincere or look I have reformed” simply cannot fix. Bcz, he wanted to be the guy who will have someone who may give him compassion and love without worrying about his status. I don’t think anybody was trying to make blanket statements about Korean men in general, but we can still point out these specific issues that are troubling to us as viewers.

He thinks skb will make him a winner as his father but doesn’t understand he. He is the undisputed king for making the bad boy look irresistible. My husband and I do all the care-giving and pay the bills. So until the show explains satisfactorily when KW has so much greed, he is the bigger jerk in my book, psychological damage or not.


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I always love reading your explanations and suggestions. Whatever his dad has achieved, is not success – is what YD needs to learn.

Who is Eun Sang texting that keeps her so ent He’s ignoring him saying his existence in itself bad for him and hates him for that. And then, Young-do gets distracted with a wholly unexpected sight: Despite Tan’s own messed up family relationship, he always had a mother who loved him and was proud of him. Why should Eun-Sand do any of these things though? What did the school, ran by the mother of the leader of the yeirs, do?

Every time he pushes her in order to “win”, he ends up losing. Same effect–of turning her off him completely. Aside from one being a psycho and draamago being an ex-psycho, I just don’t see any motivation or reason for most of what these characters are doing. Very slow, and way too much staring, and lingering on stares, and filming stares from ten different angles, and quite possibly:. He wants it ALL for himself. Everything you listed tells me all the reasons why the boy is in need of a psychologist, therapy and concealing.

I asked her what she would do if a cute bully told her he liked her and wanted to date her. And to think this writer won awards for SG shows how popularity and star power of its leads ejg a long, long way. I agree with Faye in that although I think cultural difference may play a role in the forceful kisses and wrist-grabbing, for there to be change, there has to be criticism. Wherever the hell they are. Many other shows have done the same, one way or the other.

He follows her out, keeping his distance until she stops in front of a storefront to look at the dreamcatchers in the window.



I did, however, love Madam Han impersonating Eun-sang, and for that scene alone I found this episode enjoyable. Heirs dfamago be awful, but come on now, so is Secret. Plus, just from glancing at the recap and everyone’s opinion it feels like Boys over part flower II with 2nd lead who acts like an Ass that no women would even chose even with Kim Woo Bin’s face.

From the start,before even these two episodes, my ent. Laora November 7, at 4: He act a little bit hot tempered but at the same time he looks so cute. KWB makes that leather jacket look so hot. Mystisith November 6, at 8: I read that they spent 3 hours filming kissing scene. Or he was in her heart and now he is not any more? After she meets Jang Jae Yul, her life goes through big changes.

What kind of stupid kiss was that Best part of this episode is when Tan’s mom pronounced her “daughter’s” name wrong. ES liked him too. On to the 2nd pt: I will be back later to respond, as I have to go attend to real life.

The problem is, this has no basis in reality.

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Rramago thoughts about Won’s biological mother. We’ve got a mother who ran away,leaving the son to a father who’s an asshole. The wrist-grabbing and some of the more sexist attitudes toward women that we sometimes see in K-dramas are things that, in my humble opinion, could be minimized without denigrating Korean culture. Faye I know right?