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The second icon of atheism is Feuerbach 5. The Church thinks that this greatness must reveal itself even in the conditions of present-day life, as a fount of liberty and a principle of progress, the necessary retaliation upon the forces of evil. Despite their historical and scholarly appearance, de Lubac’s work clearly refers to the present. In this perspective, humans are dependent on the Hi- ghest Being, and the likeness in nature and the bond between God and human are the basis for the uniqueness of a human being and his specifically human rights. Hence, a new intellectual framework is outlined: Lee Wakeman rated it it was amazing Jan 15, This form of humanism sees man as a radically autonomous being, one which its own determines the foundation of its being. The next section is on Dostoevsky the prophet.

When we rejected Him, we quenched our own guiding light, lost our own balance. It appeared to be the largest and most significant conference on this topic in recent years. However conflicting they might be, their implications, hidden or overt, are numerous, and just as much as they have a common foundation in rejection of God, they also achieve a similar outcome: God is a mystified essence of a human being. Atheist humanism is harmful to man, it destroys the very essence of his being, turns him into an object among other objects He also disregards critical atheism, which is not a live force, for it is unable to replace the thing it destroys. Atheist humanism acts against man, destroys him in his very essence, turns him into an object among other objects.

Nietzsche emerges as a tragic hero, or at least a sympathetic villain in the pages.

The Drama of Atheist Humanism – Henri de Lubac – Google Books

This book exposed me to many schools of thought that I knew little about and gave me a greater understanding of atheism today, all with the excellent commentary and Catholic perspective of Henri De Lubac.

The Specter of the Absurd: Do we, in our time, bear witness to the Beatitudes? Erin Walsh rated it it was amazing May 01, The content of religious representations is identical with human nature, because God is an image of man. Intus homo, ad imaginem Dei: Atheist humanism is harmful to man, it destroys the very essence of his being, turns him into an object among other objects The long final section of the book is a detailed engagement with the novels of Dostoyevsky, whom de Lubac sees as something like the archetypal man of our time: Letter to the Ephesians.

If the highest value for a person is his own being, then love between men ought to be the foremost and highest law.


Consiglio senz’altro di leggere la prima e la terza parte. Modern humanism, then, is built upon resentment and begins with a choice.

Piano Trio cburrell on Dickens: Thus in her liturgy she can celebrate each day “the dignity of the human substance” [6] even before rising to the contemplation of our rebirth. Uqbar rated it really liked it Jul 23, Hughes rated it it was amazing Aug 16, Parenthetically, to move hemri Nietzsche to Comte is rather like switching from scotch to lukewarm tea.

If humanity only has a mundane and mortal dimension, without eternity and reli- gious significance, we might start questioning the sense of sacrifice. The Church does not cease to remind him of that fact. Know your- self, said the Church, that is to say, know your nobility and your dignity, understand the atjeist of your being and atheit vocation, of that vocation which constitutes your being. De Lubac’s presentation of the atheistic humanism of Feuerbach, Nietzsche and Marx is masterful in presenting their philosophies free of the appendages of those who would later claim them at times seeing themselves as heirs while warping the originator.

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Maria in Domnica, February 2, Definitely worth reading if you are interested in 19th century philosophy, atheism, religion, and such. In this case, what prevails is a “strict notion of individual freedom, in which from the womb of absurd world there emerges a solitary man, a self- creating absolute.

Aug 04, Jacob Aitken rated it really liked it Shelves: Instead, the battle was for him a matter of dramz expressed through culture, a struggle humanusm wills for domination.

Otherwise, go right to reading the authors themselves. In light of the rapid spreading of atheism in many countries today, there emerges a need to revive a philosophical and theological reflection upon the type of humanism that emerges from it, and its influence on moral attitudes. Enter the email athest you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Man, The Image of God. But this erama not to say de Lubac doesn’t paint a smpathetic picture of, especially, Nietzsche.

It does not profess to be the simple answer to a speculative problem llubac certainly not a purely negative solution: There is no God, only man. The Tragic Misunderstanding of Atheist Humanism Henri de Lubac From Chapter One of The Drama of Atheist Humanism Print-friendly version A wonderful piece of sculpture adorning the cathedral of Chartres represents Adam, head and shoulders barely roughed out, emerging from the earth from which he was made and being molded by the hands of God.


According to him, present-day atheism increasin- gly strives to be positive, organic and constructive. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The appeal to Dostoevsky is wonderfully done and the connection is clear. John and the Revelation to John 2nd Ed. This book exposed me to many schools of thought that I knew little about and gave me a greater understanding of atheism today, all with the excellent commentary and Catholic perspective of He I learned so much from this book not only about the history of humanism, uhmanism also about the roots of atheistic thought today.

T I was given this book several Christmases ago back in my apologetics craze.

Whoever plunges into it comes out proof against the Nietzschean poison, while aware of the greatness of Nietzsche. The second type refers to an ideal of a social revolutionary, who wants to provide happiness to people freed from the faith in God Crime and Pu- nishment.

He then shows Henri de Lubac, S. First, Henri de Lubac gives a thorough if at times dense analysis of the major atheist leaders: In a sort of infinitude he overflows this great world on all sides, and in reality it is that world, “macrocosm”, which is contained in this apparent “microcosm”. Thus Proudhon, even when undergoing the influence and appropriating the language of those whom he calls “the humanists” or “the new atheists”, expressly refuses to follow them.

It seems that a major limitation of the symposium was the fact that it paid no attention to the relation between humanism and atheism, the latter becoming a mass phenomenon in many countries.

Trivia About The Drama of Athe Humanity needs some Centre, around which it could concen- trate, something Eternal, that would unite it; an Absolute, which would, in the most full and contemporary sense, give it its existence. Atheist humanism, both individual and social, denies God the right to be the ultimate reason for human existence and for history.

They go farther in opposition and denial because they set out from a more complete refusal. Consequ- ently, the only God is men himself – homo homini Deus est. Toggle navigation Order 3 items and receive a Free Book!