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Her Ma-Pet is Ryoku, a small green dragon. However, when they stop help Roo in the garden, their new song is discovered. Lilpri Cover of the fifth original DVD volume. The mysterious rabbit Chris who had helped them before is back. Anime and Manga portal. Ringo transforms into Snow White and her symbol is an apple.

Natsuki refuses but joins instead when she unleashes her athletic prowess. Comedy , Fantasy , Magical girl. Natsuki is a rich and feisty girl with long violet hair in pigtails with a yellow-green bows, dark green eyes, she wears a lime green and black blouses with bow, a golden yellow belt with a white butterfly, dark purple shorts, long black socks and a yellow and black boots in summer she wears a lavender blouses with a white frills with a orange butterfly, lime green overalls and a orange shoes. The Ma-Pets realize that they have more important business, which is “making people happy and saving Fairyland”. February — [2]. His next suggestion is to stitch all of their handkerchiefs together to make a flag.

Views Read Edit View history. Archived from the original on September 5, Lil’Pri heads to school for a test of courage, They get paired up with Saotome and another girl named Mimiko to find 5 slips with are hidden in the school.

Hime Chen! Otogi Chikku Idol Lilpri Episode 13

Ringo herself finds the books disappearing. Similarly, Swan hurt his wing and is afraid of flying.

There, they meet Kumi Ochiai, the assistant of the famous shoe designer, Mio Ikari. With the determination of becoming a powerful dragon, Ryoku begins epislde train. Dai League Ball Kyojin no Hoshi: To make a new year happen, Lil’Pri and the inhabitants of Fairyland must perform to make Kukkuru appear for Ikkuru. As a result, many characters have fallen to the human world and are on the verge of causing a panic. Later that day, Ringo’s family was selling Apple pies, Ringo went walking to give apple pies, then she got ran over a flock of people and it brung her to Wish’s concert entrances.


When they accidentally debuted the concert, the three girls were known as “Lil’ Pri”. The second series, titled Puriri! According to Natsuki’s grandfather, the dragon and tiger are said to be rivals in the position of being the strongest animal. Shizuku-chan Aha — Moyasimon: That afternoon, Ringo and Sei are eating lunch by lilpei lake when a swan suddenly appears and steals them.

Captured in Her Eyes Case Closed: But on the day of the excursion, she forgets the flag. February — [2]. The Untold Legend Ace o Nerae!

She tends to be forgetful and clumsy. With the help of Wish and the Queen of Fairyland, however, their secret is safe. Apparently, Masaki is having trouble coming up with a good Haiku.

They quickly found her, but is unable to move due to hunger. The next day, the owner is revealed to be an old lady, which causes Lil’Pri to think she is a witch.

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In an effort to help him lose weight, Leila and the two other Ma-Pets try different methods, but all failed. This, however, causes Natsume to go through the trouble of making a wand. Under the attack, the girls manage to escape to Fairyland with the Queen’s assistance.


But after a long search, it is revealed that Tomaso wanted them to model for Crystal Shoes. However, the entire class is in a state of unease due to her constant nagging and strictness, which earns her the nickname “Nag-iko”. Manatsu wants to be a witch while Natsume wants to be a vampire. However, they and the entire village were swallowed up by a tear and dropped into the human world. Hearing this, Ringo and her friends decide to help the two gain their confidence.

Leila invites Ringo and Natsuki to a release party at Crystal Shoes, the company whom her father works for. Cover of the fifth original DVD volume.

Atsui says that it fits his bride perfectly. The four girls try different methods to get his autograph, but all fails. But the truth is revealed, the girl is actually a liar like her father.

Azuki Yamamori, a high school student, passes by carrying a large paper bag, saying that her younger dhen, Botan who goes to the same kindergarten as Ringo’s brothersis having a birthday party.

While none of his students pay much attention, he lipri give up.