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Is one guy’s reparation of past troubles worth all the hell everyone is going through? I cannot agree with you more!! On the other hand, I wonder if the drama producers are staging a switch here. It won’t surprise me that Hae-Woo may end up with much pain than that of his fathers death. It amazes me that people are willing to silence a blogger just because she has a different perspective than theirs. I have to say if you have to do amnesia, this is the way to do it. It’s just wrapped up in SW and changing for him.

He should have shown the remorse he feels in a more respectful manner, both to SY and HJ. Step right this way and let us know which pool is right for you! The excitement, the fangirling with great company, the excitement and happiness we feel when we watch our beloved show. It also makes sense from a narrative standpoint cos it seriously drives the stakes of the truth being uncovered even higher argh the angst the angst!! Chairman Han continues his quest for The Money, and acts annoyed when Jung-woo comes to ask him about the baddies that they caught that night. This reveal actually did what I wanted and more, and all of the goodness resulting from that owes itself to Hae-woo. I’ve seen the next episode, and it’s no spoiler to say things just keep getting better!

The deficit Credit card fees Airline delays Bad cafeteria food — specifically bad pizza Snow on my car in the morning and in my driveway when I get home I appreciate your hard work. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb.

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I’m also hoping that we’ll get to add to those 9. Everything you said just resonated with me!! For that to happen I hope they play it up awesomely in today’s episode.

Detective Byun and Hae-woo question the history professor Clicky met, only to learn that Clicky actually impersonated Detective Byun specifically to ask about what Detective Oh talked to him about.


Gou, we have a LIFE!!! I think Se Ra is also a victim of the situation but not the biggest victim at all.

You’re doing such a wonderful job!!! He’s about to go to the mis and he made sure that you will his acting in this no matter what he does in the future.

GB, You guys are seriously hilarious! The only other thing I’ve seen him in is a movie called ‘King of Jogku’ where he plays the main lead.

I doubt though that the drama will stick to scientific side of things and will suddenly feature a U-turn where Gun doesn’t have the disease I’d admire the creators if they did stick to his disease. Hopefully he safely arrived to Minyoung house. She stops there in the open doorway, and they stand there facing opposite directions while being inches apart. The life they built there will seem as shallow as the life she had in Korea seems horrible.

That being said though, sigh, Taek is definitely the next Chilbong, Taewoong, Joonhee.

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Unfortunately there is no search engine within comments so we cannot ‘retrieve’ but since we start with whole numbers, each sub-thread will have a name starting with a number. Gun was so hurt that he didn’t call her back for weeks when there was no Mi Young in his life. Not so sure about the next episode though. Nor would the show have been likely episoe tackle a taboo topic of this sort. This story seems to be much more Hae-Woo’s story and not Yi Soo’s. Sorry I love Taek to bits misd even with that friggin preview I’m firmly grounded in my tsundare tiny-hidden-acts-of-care fairy.

Thought I was in pool 2 or That hurt my feelings!

Missing You Episode 11 Recap

Thank you guys for helping us out! I will really be back. Jung Woo wakes up bound and gagged by the ahjumma, who walks into the room wearing the baseball cap and puffer jacket we mis the killer of the rapist wearing from the peephole.


But what got me around and still strongly rooting for him is that moment in the bedroom–that one tender moment when we all expected he’d say no again to Deok-sun, but he surprised us by yo yes he’ll go. Chairman Han walks out, telling the secretary to either send Jung-woo back to the States or lock him up in his room. Jang Hyuk is no jerk in this series, he is wonderful character.

Yuki January 13, at KompaktneHaare December 12, at 3: It just pains my heart. During the time when you were writing about Nice Guy, I saw people come here and straing to write about how they foud the characters stupid, and Eun Gi was just psycho and immediately your little fanclub shut them down. But mkss least she only told Grandpa about the hit-and-run, and nothing more.

Darling, we feel you. I feel like that will discourage PDs from making more shows like this, which would be a shame.

But DS is really a nice character though maybe you should watch the episodes before making up your mind. Besides, now Healer is working on clearing his dad’s name, and uncovering many truths. Not bad, but you could see he’s Moon-ho reminds him that he used to call him Uncle.

D But it’s fine, we hardly ever get a drama as good as this, and who knows when we will ever be blessed with episodd one again? If and when she gets pregnant with their babieswhere would she give birth?

Meta [Happily never after] Maybe