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UlquiHime, for those who love a good case of Stockholm Syndrome. A Winter Wedding by Pokeluv reviews Green had returned to the small town where he left the only woman he ever loved. Portmanteau Couple Names may also come in handy if the couple performs a Fusion Dance and literally becomes a single being. Although Portmanteau Couple Names don’t really happen that much in Naruto fandom they tend to be things like NaruHina for the now official pairing of Naruto and Hinata rather than Narunata , the similarity of the character names make it very easy to do this. People always want what they can’t have. Hide six gifts around the house and let her find them.

Lea Michele and Cory Monteith are Monchele. Also, spoiler alert, he sucks. With the day of love right around the corner, what is Len’s way to make it up to her? Team Fortress 2 ‘s Fan-Preferred Couple doesn’t have a portmanteau name how exactly would one smash together “Heavy” and “Medic,” anyway? About shameless shipping haha this is just a silly blog for organizing likes. Behold the dawn of Zeethiggs

Preview for SA2 posted. Homestar Runner and Marzipan have two both used in canon: Empowered dreams up quite a few of these when she xrama one of her teammates is gay. The idea was pointless.

Sometimes, it’s Germany the one who makes Italy facepalm. Reblogged 5 years ago from mirrorshards 9, notes snkereminart.

Ludwig wonders why Gilbert suddenly has magical powers. This is a oneshot. Star Fox has Falox, Wolox and Jimpep.

Gute Ideen gibt es viele,

A Winter Wedding by Pokeluv reviews Green had returned to the small town where he left the only woman he ever loved. The Final Act by cold-crescent-moon reviews Suicide. Kida attempts to lose his and Mikado’s virginity with the aid of pickup lines.


It Takes Two to Raise a Family by aqua-dragon28 reviews The Dex Holders have faced many challenges; from contests to gym leaders to defeating evil organizations.

There’s also the alternative but spoilerific, and thus not very common Draa, using Kylo’s real name Ben. Portmanteau couple names involving Shepard are quite predictable.

shameless shipping

It’s interesting to note that it is more common for slash pairings to be composed of the first syllables of names, each separately capitalized, such as NoCo, DunNo, DunTrent, DunHar, ect, while most het pairings would have names sounding like one word, such as Nizzy, Trindsay, Nisay, Gody, Deva, Bridgekiel, Noette, Tytie, ect.

Suddenly, America doesn’t feel so special anymore The Great Boyfriend Debate by doujinzii reviews Oneshot. Male parent goes first i. The pairing of ishimonfo title character with Rattlesnake Jake has been dubbed “Rake”. The Legend of Zelda: This runs ishimojdo with naming hybrids: The third Twitter Takeover references Sonadow by name when Eggman receives a message from Infinite in the form of a file by that name. It drove ishimkndo crazy. Kinda easy to make shipping names out of their names.

Jubilaura for Laura and Jubilee.

Blue Blanket by kc creation reviews When Shizuo was eight years old, he learned about being flawed. Reblogged 5 years ago from perryanderson. Not to mention Ishigo and Ichida and another ‘easy’ round of “guess the pairing”. Maps I Must Keep by ibuberu reviews “We’ll be alright. Not to mention Squikku is probably more common than you’d think likely.

With the help of her big sister Gumi she gets one last chance.


Spirit Central, acetactician: goddamnit ishimaru THIS DRAMA CD

Should he give up? Became official as of “The Shell”. Of course, all the actors are shipped between them, but these are the only couples that have portmanteau couple names which are quite used and well-known.

Sakura reviews It’s been a fairly long time since Rin realized her feelings, yet she still hasn’t mustered the courage to admit them. Needless to say, Maka is the Launcher of ddrama Thousand Ships. Apart from Dramione, Drarry and a few other exceptions, most of the HP fandom use initials to denote ships as some pairings sound too awkward when combined. Beyblade had a fair few of these back when the Slash Fic -ers were at their most active.

I also have a few Wattpad accounts so yeah.

Ladies and gentlemen, Dissidia: This video suggests the hilariously unfortunate portmanteau of Spy and Pyro. It later became the name of the suburb.

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But Blue wasn’t too happy to see him and made sure he knew it. When Gunnerkrigg Court started hinting that James Eglamore and Jones were or still are a couple, fans of that ‘ship began calling them “Janes”.

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