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He gifts the dupatta to Payal. Will the Raizadas accept Khushi? Arnav is sorry for breaking Lavanya’s heart. They transform the house into an exotic hotel. Bubbly attempts to burn Akash’s shirt to pick on Payal, but gets caught by Manorama. Arnav agrees to go with Khushi after a lot of persuasion. Akash, however, praises Madhumati for the same. In return, Khushi and the entire family start talking in sign language.

She tries to get him to answer all her questions, but fails to do so. Meanwhile, Payal calls up Arnav to enquire about Khushi. Will he keep his promise? After confessing their feelings for each other, Arnav refuses to let go of Khushi’s hand. Khushi refuses to tell Shyam the truth about her marriage to Arnav. Meanwhile, Anjali asks Khushi to tie rakhi to Shyam. Khushi is curious to know how Arnav has her anklet. Later, Anjali asks Akash about his feelings for Payal.

Manorama demands to get her mehendi done first.

Lavanya on the other hand tells Arnav about Khushi’s decision. Khushi wins Lavanya’s confidence by bringing Laxmi back ka taking the blame of losing her. ,o rejects the food prepared by Khushi. Shyam tells her that he is looking for his clothes. An intoxicated Khushi blurts out the truth about her sudden marriage with Shyam. Khushi threatens to expose Shyam before Anjali. Notify user via Email. Please select the category that most closely reflects your concern about the video, so that we can review it and determine whether it violates our Community Guidelines or isn’t appropriate for all viewers.

The contractor refuses to pay Khushi. Both families prepare for the Sangeet ceremony. Arnav does not tell the cop that he is the driver. After consuming the doctored juice, Madhumati gets dizzy and forgets the dance steps on the stage. Anjali is happy to see Khushi take care of Arnav. Naani is curious on seeing her worried.


Khushi feels guilty about accusing him. What is My Phone Number. Khushi is uncertain about how to deal with Shyam. Anjali notices Akash trying to get a better glimpse of Payal. Arnav asks Khushi to leave the house. Manorama is excited after Arnav gifts her jewellery. Meanwhile, Khushi changes her mind about informing Arnav about Shyam. Anjali waits patiently for her husband to turn up so that she can break her fast as well. Naniji behaves rather suspiciously.

Arnav and Khushi taunt each other about the challenge.

Arnav’s Bachelor’s Party

Arnav is on his way there as well. Akash persuades Payal to come out with him to celebrate New Year.

Arnav sees the footage of Khushi setting off the fire alarms with her lamp lighting ritual. Meanwhile, Kushi suggests making sugar-free sweets.

However, Khushi isn’t willing to oya him. In order to stress her disapproval, Manorama pretends to leave the house. Khushi leaves the puja to call him. Arnav and Khushi are locked in their honeymoon suite without phones or electricity. Khushi cannot believe that Arnav is making her pay for the damage to his car.

Arnav humiliates Khushi again, but Nani supports her and asks him to behave. She asks Lavanya to convince him to attend the pooja with his family. Meanwhile, Arnav is irritated with Khushi and leaves her at the dhaba. Naani comforts Khushi with Arnav’s childhood tales. He ixs with the wedding arrangements. Shyam finds the legal papers hidden by Khushi. Shyam pretends to care for her and the baby.


However, he then goes to Khushi’s house and pays her to do Anjali’s work. All are shocked when Khushi declares that she will not leave the job as she knows she is right. Khushi is bullied by a rowdy gang. Anjali tells Arnav that Lavanya has sent him a bouquet. Abusing this feature is also a violation of the Community Guidelines, so don’t do it. Later, Khushi asks Arnav to thank her. Payal assures Khushi about her father. Please choose report reason carefully and enter your message which will be emailed to the uploader and will be displayed on video page as well.

Will she find the papers?

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Arnav, then, assumes that Anjali skips her lunch because she is sad soon the Sangeeth being cancelled. She removes her belongings from their room. On the other hand, Shyam tries to convince Khushi to go back to Lucknow.