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But this is pure bushhhit! Kajol thanks for suggesting Rohan Muhammed both the movies are added in our list.. I’m addicted to them now I wish if we can watch dilwale plz! This will definitely help bring quality movies on line. I love this film.

Still not an Alia fan, but this was one of her better films. Choose a frame of your liking for thumbnail Give it some details Glad Aish is back. Great job by Aishwariya and Irfann Khan. Thanks for getting subtitles. So others can find this clip.

This is one of the evergreen movie Year Page 1 of 13 76 results. So others can find this clip. Join the discussion contains spoiler. Irrfan and Aishwarya played the characters really well. I still have no idea what I just watched.

I’d watch it again anytime! Hello admin, is the blu ray moviesin this website like watching from a blu ray disc? Badrinath Bansal from Jhansi and Vaidehi Trivedi from Kota belong to small towns but have diametrically opposite opinions on everything.


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eintnusan Irfan khan and Aishywarya has been wasted on boring script. Thank YOU einthusan team Full entertainment and fun! And also Fanaa from ? But this is pure bushhhit! I was wondering why do some movies have less chance to screen here? Hafizur Ash the tech team has been notified regarding this issue,thanks. My most favorite part was the cartoon one!

I cnt believe you guys posted this!!! I didn’t expect much from this but I was very pleasantly surprised.

Slow down…

Akansha thanks for suggesting Shahid acts so badly. Could have been really great with a few changes, but was fun. Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom.

Choose a frame of your liking for thumbnail Give it some details I think it was nice movie and brought out good emotions but overall on the silly side.

If you don’t think any of this will appeal to you maybe watch something else. If it was edited movke it would have been a better movie. Join the discussion contains spoiler. Aish- out of her element -wooden, plastic and way too much make-up!


Akansha happy new year movie is already here http: Kajol thanks for suggesting My new fav movie-streaming website This movie is completely and utterly bonkers but leave your head at the door and you might have some fun. Why does it take so many time? But Nazba have one request Please do not watch streaming videos an hour before sleep.

Advertisement – opens new tab. Does einthusan not work on iPad keeps getting error message webpage needs to reload.

I am happy to see Ashwariya.