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The third attempt involved Blue Knight cheering her up, involving toast. Coal and his lackeys started to infiltrate the mansion, only to find out it is heavily protected. As they try to get her out, Blue discovered another Deco Stone inside the cardboard ball chained onto Pink’s leg. Manipulative Bastard Paper-Thin Disguise: Opal is mad on how Ruby is stepping on her hoof and even decorating her wings with Mackerel. Born in the Gunma prefecture, Retsu is a hot blooded junior high school student who is full of courage and confidence.

How will the Jewelpets bring her fluffiness back? Coarumi Coal in disguise enters the shop and buy some black Lingerie while eying on the White Rabbit’s actions. Thought her friends Garnet and Sapphie sometimes thinks that she’s strange in some points. The Deco Stones have no clue what his Jewel of Fate might be, but the audience gets hints as early as episode 15 by watching his interactions with Angela which are parallel to the other, more certain relationships. Pink and Ruby noticed the crowd and went to Retsu. As the clock strikes twelve, the new year in Jewel Land begins; however as a new day begins, Ruby is surprised on what happened to her eyes.

Jewelpet Kira Deco! – EP 23 Eng Dub

Will the three find the remaining fragments of deck Deco Stone inside the temple? Pink and ruby left the shop, but Pink tripped and fell into mud puddle, ruining her clothes.

Villain Has a Point: Sapphie felt pity and concern on him until an unknown light inside Jira heart dispelled the Dark General’s magic. As it revealed in the last episode that the thing Ruby saw is actually Jewelina frozen in stone. The group also has the same goal on wanting to collect the Deco Stones and they befriended the Jewelpets, especially to Pink. But as soon as the rain started to fall, they all went to an abandoned mansion at the jira of Jewel Town.


Feels this way about her younger self. However a strange meteor crashes into the Mirror Ball, destroying it into a million pieces and its fragments called “Deco Stones” were all scattered in Jewel Land.

The next day, Midori and Charlotte were having their time together beside the spisode and tasting one of Charlotte’s honey. Episode 7 Jewelpet Kira Deco!

Professor Decorski revealed her true identity to everyone as Jewelina’s Spirit reborn in a new body as she fuses with Jewelina’s statue, transforming into Decolina.

With Rald and real pandas. Attempts to rip off one of Ruby’s eyes, but she didn’t know she was hurting her. Everyone now begs for Ruby to dance and summon the mirror ball as she danced with all of her might, calling all the deco stones while the Kira Deco 5 distracts him.

While he’s leaving, Ruby started to follow him and asked if she can come, which he agrees and gave him a chance to actually steal her Jewel Pod. The third attempt involved Blue Knight episoxe her up, involving toast.

Jewelpet Kira Deco! Episode 23

Pink and her friends again attended another lesson in the academy until they saw Coal behaving strangely. All your favorite TV Shows in one place.

Episode 9 Jewelpet Kira Deco! The next day, Ruby, Pink, Sapphie and Kirra were going fishing in the lake to catch some Saury, and Ruby is impatient seeing she wanted to catch a Sparkling Saury for fer collection.

Using his dark powers, unleashes one inside the Saitama Ultra Dome, sucking everyone into the abyss. As the Jewelpets just watched them both, Retsu appeared and decided to settle his rivalry with Blue ever since he joined.

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Red eyes and hair. Ruby is left with no choice but to search for DecoSanta at the Decoristmas Mountain in the outskirts of Jewel Land with Pink coming with her. Ruby and Pink then agreed to stay at Garnet’s house to protect the feline Jewelpet from harm.


He then goes and fight Tata and successfully catches him, while Midori is amazed on his moves. Decorisky chose her specifically because of this trait. Later on, Ruby and Pink arrived at Garnet’s home as the duo greeted them for a special dinner.

The Dark General explained everything to them about what did happened 10 years ago, saying he seriously disagree on Decorski’s hobby on decorating everything with rhinestones and Decorski’s hate on him wanting to be in the darkness. The next day, Midori woke up early in a foggy day to follow the light where the Deco Stones is until he encounter a big giant sign and a huge athletic course on his way.

They both escaped the two and successfully arrived at their grandmother’s house.

His evil self in episode As they arrived to the place, they all meet Rald once again but something is wrong with him as he goes on a rampage to the group. Their body fat makes them very shiny, so Ruby likes using them as decoration.

For Opal however, she decides to settle her score with Ruby once and for all as she controls Coal through a cockpit and launches an attack to her.