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Read More Posted Oct 1, Around the Bend The Phantom of the Opera Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. The remarkable Liam Neeson does an affectingly self-effacing turn in the title role. Mixed in with the film’s graphic action sequences — which are as beautifully shot as they are unwatchable — are a lot of feverish, feeble, inch-deep platitudes about freedom and justice. In all, he estimates that he has professionally reviewed about 7, films throughout his career.

Views Read Edit View history. Read More Posted Feb 13, Already have an account? Read More Posted Jul 30, Later, when I became a professional movie critic for Gannett, Knight-Ridder and McClatchy Newspapers , I realized that making a living out of looking at movies in the afternoon is another way of connecting the cracks in the ceiling. Ultimately stumbles and falls, much like the horses in the battle scenes. It is about the evolution of a writer, his relationship with his three closest friends and a situation that formed his talent — and morbid fascination.

The Phantom of the Opera There’s an eccentric enchantment and easy friendliness to screenwriter Jeff Nathanson’s modest debut film.

Under the Cherry Moon This page was last edited on 18 Januaryat It’s a good movie. Read More Posted Apr 1, Flight of the Phoenix Read More Posted Aug 4, Log in with Facebook. While my education was honed by reviewing films for Gannett, Tribune, McClatchy, The News Corporation and Baltske, my personality – or rather my taste – was shaped largely in my old neighborhood movie theater and on my parents’ living room floor.


Shows us what we lost — and what we may never see and hear again. A crackling good, low-down noir thriller. Nevertheless, I’ve indulged myself occasionally by commenting on television and even commercials.

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The film is anchored in particular by the dual performances of Schade as the year-old Lena and the magnificent Riemann as her younger counterpart. This gifted ensemble works hard to make Hannah and Her Sisters the best movie of the year so far, perhaps the best that Allen has ever made.

This is a choice role, and Bening tears into it with hoe broadest smile and widest eyes you ever saw. The people who made Ruthless People probably expect us to laugh It’s unique, by far the boldest film of the summer. What sets The Mother apart from your typical daytime fikm is the caliber of both the writing and the acting.

Given the overall weakness of the material, director Joel Schumacher works beyond the call of duty to pull us into his musical fable. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Posted by joe baltake at 8: Read More Posted Nov 10, Its chief strength is the obvious deep-seated affection Fry has for each sedated, hung-over soul.


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Read More Posted Dec 3, Its ridiculousness is exacerbated by how seriously it takes itself and also by its highfalutin pretensions. Without a Paddle I’d sit through a movie two, three times and, at night, my dreams invariably baltakr be about movies and the people in them.

Bright Young Things It’s too mechanical in its perfection and too driven and premeditated in its attempts to impress us to muster the warmth flim good cheer for which it’s also striving.

My personality was shaped largely on my parents’ living room floor. A Balatke Long Engagement There’s a desperation to Ben Affleck’s mugging in Surviving Christmas that, depending on how you look at it, is either endearing or embarrassing. My passion now is those films that have been neglected, overlooked, underrated, hastily dismissed, unfairly maligned and generally forgotten — and that are just about impossible to see anymore. He believes so much in his baltakd dream that we come to believe in it, too.