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Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band prove it. Patrick’s arse power is harnessed by means of a large tube, rather like the one’s used on some tumble dryers, which is attached to the backside of Patrick’s spacesuit. The actors’ misery is well complimented by the direction – murky colors, dismal-looking sets and locations, and weird inconsistencies like how in some scenes, crowds of people are wearing clothing that was only in vogue fifty or so years ago. Actually, upon imagining the scene being done with baby Patrick actually attached to a umbilical cord, I’m thankful the filmmakers were so ignorant of human biology. Should this page mention the film ” Thunderpants “? So if you are offended by even the mildest of sick jokes then please stop reading now. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Most Read Most Recent.

Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band prove it. Get a free blog at WordPress. Talking a load of hot air 1. With the movie Pieces , all the distributor had to do in some quarters was show a chainsaw on the poster along with a tagline that read, “It’s exactly what you think it is! The very distressing thing about Hewitt is that he doesn’t seem to be aware of the rich cultural farting heritage. Still, I wonder why out of all the hundreds of children that were no doubt viewed during auditions that newcomer Bruce Cook was chosen to play Patrick Smash.

The question then should be how anyone could think this could be made into an entertaining gilm. Crime Ashley Cochrane’s ‘killer’ died after spending the night ‘playing PlayStation’ in his prison cell. A hand-drawn Christmas card designed by Simon Donald, the co-founder of legendary Viz comic, is one of a unique set of cards created by celebrities to raise money for the MS Society.

Views Read Edit New section View history. She had a positive and vibrant effect on faartpants who were in pain and very low in spirit.

Patrick’s unique gift comes to the aid of the American people in a moment of great national crisis.


This also seems to explain why Johnny Fartpants only appears a few times each year in Viz. He’s a boy who does nothing, but ends up saving the world. Like the clothes that give Wallace so much trouble in the eponymous Nick Park film, the Wrong Trousers, Patrick’s Thunderpants are a mechanical contrivance that today’s children would surely baulk at wearing, preferring as they do, jeans that show off their arses, rather than trousers that conceal what are emitted from fartants.

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That will be, by the way, the final time the word eponymous is used in this article. WikiProject Fictional characters Template: The real stupidity starts when in Italy, Patrick blabs this secret to johnng jealous rival tenor, even though he’s been told not to tell anyone and even commenting about this out loud.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! I can see them saying, “Haven’t we as adults all found humor about farting at one time or another?

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A confessional trawl through my record buying history Such, at least, is Thunderpants’ vision of the Anglo-American special relationship that makes the continentals so envious. Allen does in this film buck teeth and belted macs?

Newcastle Viz founder Simon Donald lets rip in a hand drawn Christmas card for charity

I told him that generally I felt okay but tended to experience a uohnny more wind following the bowel surgery. Subsequently, the movie – pardon the expression – exhausts the little possible humor found going this easy way out with the next few scenes, depicting the Smash family at home trying various techniques to keep their baby’s flatulence under control.

Wouldn’t a sprout-and-bean gas mixture prove a lethally combustible cocktail in a deep space rescue mission context, thus undermining the whole humanitarian aspect to such a venture? Uncategorized — justwilliam 5: Jay Kay says that Lydon spent the whole flight farting really smelly ones.


The ass that saved America | Film | The Guardian

Think, in this respect, of the nutty professor’s eponymous car in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, or Mary Poppins’ deployment of a special brolly that projects her airwards in the film of the same name.

The Animated Movie when I reviewed it, and I assure you that other movie is as real as this one. Personally I think the whole thing is rather amusing, but then farts always are?

With Alan’s help, Patrick learns to harness his special powers taking them on a journey of adventure from fame to danger and finally to the U. The only way to propel the rescue rocket to the required destination is to harness a small British boy’s arse. Animals Horror as rescue llama is found “shot dead” at animal sanctuary. Hell, you probably have also correctly guessed what the general quality of the movie is like. Why does French cinema have no such parallel, and can this perhaps help account for Le Pen’s electoral performance?

He invents for his new friend Patrick faftpants eponymous pants in order to contain Patrick’s many fklm in an airtight container until such moment as they can be released without distressing passers-by. The tenor decides to sabotage things and slips in a secret smelly fart-potion in Patrick’s pudding – in the same scene! Most likely he was cast so the movie would have some star power and get a U.

Lady Gaga gingerbread people! I dread to think how bad the skidmarks on his pants were. The loud smelly fart on stage that night not only reveals Patrick, it loosens an overhead spotlight that falls on the rival tenor and kills him.

Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band prove it. I rest my case!