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How to translate Polygons Translation procedure. Please copy the data every other time. Before using the audio player, please copy your txt file to any folder. Browse the txt file you want to open and double click the file to open. If you’d like to use a different phone, click on Search Phone to find, pair, or get your handset connected with the GPS device. Click to search the name in phonebook. Don’t press the screen with strength or you will destroy it.

To ensure proper use of this product please read this User s Manual. X Have a nice day! Incoming message Sent our message from mobile phone Click one point and hold to move on the screen. If low battery or no battery, please charge it immediately 3. Click this to change the default path to store the downloading files or change the ringtone of incoming call. Single click the item, then it will turn white, then click or to set year, month, date, hour, minute and second. The mark [ ] on the up left of interface indicates the current electric volume.

Please use the stylus to operate the navigator and spray a little glass cleaner on the soft cloth to clean the screen, don’t spray on the screen directly. Read this instruction manual before first use, and keep it for future reference. Please do not lay it aside freely; do not fix it to the air bag, do not lay it on the expand range of the air bag.

Household users should contact either the retailer where they purchased this product, or their local government office, for details of where and how they can take this item for environmentally safe recycling. Close Last page Next page Name of photo and format Click to close the photo list; Show the last page; Show the next page; Show name of photo and the playing format.

Click to hide the Call Status Windows If you answer the call the following windows will appear Tools: Support page option Audio playing format: Please be sure to comply with the real road condition and follow the traffic rules.



Click on the item you’d like to operate to open its window; For more information, check the descriptions in each section Phonebook Click Phonebook on the Phone Menu, the following screen will appear.

Our company will not be responsible for any loss caused by the unexpected accident. Input the name then click OK. After the searching process is finished, look for the handset you’d like to use and click on it. CKonfiguracja kamery z serwerem web The instruction relates to the theme; [Relative information]: If the handset you’d like to use is listed on the Paired Devices, click on it first, then click to connect your handset to the GPS device. The mark [ ] on the up left wtch interface indicates the current electric volume.

When it is fully-charged, the LED will turn to Blue. Can I have a look at the Internet? You can check your contact list, call log, answer or dial calls. joymsn

The system can calculate a best route after setting the destination, which can help users to arrive the destination safely and rapidly. Please don’t fix the navigator to the position where the driver’s sight is being influenced. Wtach scanning by the magnetic head detector at the passage used for passing or the magnetic bar held by the security checkeror it will destroy the system date in the unit. User s watxh 5. You can click to dial out Dial Pad Make outgoing calls by pressing the buttons.

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Business users should contact their supplier and check the terms and conditions of the purchase contract This product should not be mixed with other commercial wastes for disposal Please use same pin code on both GPS device and mobile phone. Phone memory Card Storage: If you insert the card improperly, you will damage the card. You can also click on the all the found handsets. Single click language column to choose the language FM Transmitter Single click enter the interface as shows: Click Settings on the Phone menu.


The extending information relates to the theme; [Note]: Number Show the photo name and the playing format. The shift between pictures is delayed or stopped. Click one point and hold to move on the screen. Connect the DC part of the adaptor with the power interface at the left side of the unit The power interface is same as USB interface ; 2.

USB firmware changing guide. Click to answer the call. Reset the system by using reset button or electric switch 4. The booklets are all produced using MS Publisher, so that is necessary on the computer being used.

Before using the audio player, please copy your txt file to any folder. This product can be set up using any current web browser, i.

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GPS navigator will stop operating the current procedure and shift to the online interface. You can check your call history status and also can make a call. Click this the other site will not hear what you say Speaker volume adjust Hide: If you purchased this router to share. Factory assumes no responsibility for the data loss. Press icon to return to previous menu. Refresh Download file Y a Good idea b See you soon c Joyamn same to you I.

If any damage,please contact with the distributor or the agent as soon as possible. User s manual 2. After connecting, the screen will dispaly the interface as below: Please copy the data every other time.

Producer is not responsible for. Click during the call, the following windows will spears Sound come out form PND