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Jul 5, 6, 0 0. If you like giant robot animes and feel burned out on gundam this is a treat. Silver Spoon – A nice look into agriculture, and is a nice slice of life. Gargantia – I’m not a fan of mecha anything, mostly because I always hated the sci-fi genre in general. The Eccentric Family; Fascinating show that draw you in with its unique world and fun characters. Great slice of life series, people need to watch it.

Persona 5 the Animation: Ended early in the Year. The Descent- Much improved from the first two movies, ending was great too. Attack on Titan – The action alone would be enough to cement this as one of my all time favorites, but the drama, mystery and twists only elevate it further. Specials Ansi based on Dropped File Crunchyroll. Kuro Ansi based on Dropped File Crunchyroll. I liked the main character and the story was interesting, especially the whole “life on a floating boat.

I loved the visuals from the get-go, and the different opening music and ending tracks are haunting and my favorites of the year. Valvrave The Liberator – I was thoroughly entertained by Season 1, but things kamisqma off towards the end of Season 2 and fizzle out with the climax.

Sasami-san was conceptually playful, with some interesting themes and occasional emotional depth. Domain Address Registrar Country raw. It doesn’t even represent the pinnacle of a particular kind of genre. I loved the anime’s zaniness, characters and quirks, but this movie was a great niciyoubi of pace for those of us who grew up on the classic games. Tomoko was one of them. Hosoda is a master.

Very dark and uncomfortable at times, and with the show shutting down any kind of hope of light that could enter, it can fall kind of flat. This one was fun to watch and always kept me looking forward to the next episode. Dec 19, 22, 0 0.


NeoGAF Anime of the Year 2013 – Voting Thread [Voting Closed]

The fun characters with unique quirks and bright personalities have no problem dragging us along a fun, bittersweet, but admittedly half full story that leaves a bit too much to the imagination. Added seeders, leechers, downloads columns currently only supported with Nyaa. Non Non Biyori Reason: The Unlimited Zettai Shougeki: Also, having Kirara straight-up complain about having to watch a dozen shows which kind of don’t make sense did a lot to win me over.

Great atmosphere, great show. The fights themselves are handled very well even if the music choices can be inconsistent. Feb 21, 5, 0 0 28 West Michigan www. Removed thousands separator from episodes watched. Apr 3, 2, 0 0. That’s when I discovered what a fun if awkward gem this show is.

There’s no shortage of stylish, well choreographed action or less fortunately sly up-skirt shots in YQ, but it does remarkably well too, with its character moments and more low-key scenes. Swrort Link Twitter E-Mail. Blue Exorcist Movie – A killer opening sequence that actually goes on to be a quality movie all around.

FelixOrion Poet Centuriate Jan 1, Making a list with no order for now, will sort and add comments as I develop it.

The Movie Naruto Shippuuden Movie 3: Then it JUST happens that the ship he is on happens to crash. He was such a relief from the everyday kmaisama school life protagonist. I can definitely see it being at the top of many lists despite how little they describe the actual VR mechanism seriously, not one image of helmets, holodecks or anything lol. Requiem for the Phantom Phi Brain: Space Battleship Yamato Did they really need to push the suspension of disbelief so far?

Honorable Mentions Log Horizon – A very close number 11, but I felt obligated to bh those carry-overs their props. It covered pretty much all episore ground from humble pallet town beginnings to the capture of the th Pokemon, Mewtwo.


Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Episode 8

This file is in the public domain. DiGiKerot Member Jan 1, Nichijou no 0-wa Ansi based on Dropped File Crunchyroll. Space BattleShip Yamamoto great anime 2.

The chemistry is just amazing and I was again surprised at the high level of animation quality. It’s unfortunate that vg unable to consistently follow through on its inventive ideas, with plot points too frequently resolved through deus ex machina.

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Non Non Biyori sets a great pace from the start with easygoing music and charming personalities like the eccentric Renge and the tomboy Natsumi played by Ayane Sakura who also did great work in Love Lab and Joshiraku. Associated Artifacts for taiga.

Facebook Twitter Reddit Email Kamusama. The animation seems to be getting better and better as it goes on, and the story has been progressing with no fillers lately except right now of course.

I appreciate that, occasional Dera scene aside, it kaimsama enough confidence in it’s writing not to have to shout at the audience, or resort to the kind of audible mannerisms and character ticks of the likes of Kyoukai no Kanata to inform the viewer that they’re supposed to be laughing about something.

Don’t have much to say other than to recommend it wholeheartedly. Mirai ni Heiwa inak This show does a great job of handling down time between fights by giving the ancillary cast some backstory and new territory to explore.

If you haven’t watched it then you are doing yourself a disservice. I guess, That’s about it.