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And the way it is expressed—in a metaphorical conversation one night as they look out over the river—is memorable. And Doordarshan did show some very obscure films back then…. She does not say who she is or how she happened to be in the river, but two things happen while Vikas is still away: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: She too loves him as her own son. Raju has not been told of his mother’s demise, and believes that she will return home by the next boat. When Vikas returns, he decides to let this female, whose name is Juhi, live with them — little knowing that she is a runaway prostitute. Sadhana does end happily.

The boatman explains to a curious bystander: Box Office Hits of Dev Anand. That must mean that someone, somewhere has the video. They were going to hand over their collection of LPs to the kabaadi , but I managed to stop them in time, and appropriated the LPs for myself. This escapade unnerves Vikas. I watched a song from late 70s and was pained to see zeenat and dev dancing and singing weird lyrics. Is Raju then the ferry that will bring Vikas and Juhi together? Trending Hindi Movies and Shows.

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See what’s trending now. Six-year old Raju is his only child, and is convinced that his mother is not dead, but somewhere far away. As usual, kudos and keep up the good work.


And it turned out so different. He is looked after and abused by Vikas’ aunt, and manages to run away. Raju has not been told of his kasthi demise, and believes that she will Thank you so much, Abhik!

The son thinks it is his movi and is overjoyed. Dum Lagade Aaj Director: Especially when it comes to curating for audiences that do not speak the language.

We will send you a confirmation email. Jadesh Kumar Hampi Starring: All I remembered was the horrible way the little kid was treated and Dev Anand in Dhoti and playing Sarod. RK much sooner than Dev Anand. Because Chaachi is hell-bent on having Juhi thrown out.

Kashti (1954)

Lastly, the music, by Hemant, which features some lovely tunes. A simplistic story, the main role is that of Dev Anand’ son and his pet Alsation.

Dev Anand is concerned about the “guest” who has started living in his house and who has kashi accepted by his son as his lost mother. To a faraway palacesays Vikas.

Raju turns away, disappointed, and goes back where he came from.

Surprisingly, they make it there without anybody realizing, and are soon walking, bewildered, in town. She does not say who she is or how she happened to be in the kashri, but two things happen while Vikas is still away: Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows.

On one occasion, in the company of Minoo, his neighbor, they manage to get on the boat, reach Bombay, and start a frantic search for his mother. More often than not, the tawaif remains chaste through it all — look at films like Pakeezah or Adalatfor instance. I wanted to watch everything Geeta Bali and I had a couple of songs tu hi to mere sapno ka is one, on another song compilation video.


The unusual angle to it. All appear chopped up, one verse here sung in one mood, another there, in a different mood, which lends the songs a more real feel how many people in real novie, after all, break off everything to sing four verses of a song at one go? They kidnapped the baby and brought her to Munni Bai. And Doordarshan did show some very obscure films back then…. Here I must admit that she has few, if any rivals for her trademark combination of tomboyishness and coquetry.

The changing of an initial awkwardness into something deeper is gradual, and most of it unsaid. The sudden speeding up of things mlvie the end, and what seemed to me a somewhat contrived solution to a certain problem.

YesVikas agrees. Ferry though good, is not well known unfortunately, though it garnered critical acclaim during the time of its release.