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Seb and Ciel voided the contract apparently. Now all I want is Sebastian to come, kill Claude, free Alois’ soul so he can rest in peace , talk some sense into Ciel once again, and then And Claude was born lol Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. Her evil smirk as she was talking about how Claude was with Ciel and whatever Is it on youtube? This made me squee.

BBCode Modified by shadowsword, Aug 26, Lol i though so too while watching the episode. And then he got captured. In a way, good. Ciel stabbed the boy? And this thing he was doing

Good luck with that.

What else can I say I can dislike him for what he had done and the way he acts but well if I look at him without thinking who he is then yes he looked hot Wow, this episode made me go, ‘wtf’ at least 50 different times. At least by the looks e;isode sound of it.

Oh and I had this weird reaction shouting to the birds sitting on Clause to get the hell away from him In the moonlight, things that are benevolent during the day can suddenly seem dangerous and malicious. Only half way through, so I wouldn’t know.

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Vampire Ciel was crazy. Claude is an ass It has been said many times that things are not always as they seem, and in the influence of the Moon this axiom is particularly true. Ciel is gonna wear a Trancy wig and clothes? That bastard has no right over his znimeultima.


That was the moment in which I wanted to punch him straight in the face more than all the other scenes.

Could Ciel have been Alois’s brother by any chance? And this thing he was doing Of course this made everything better: And the boy running? Hannah got molested by Sebastian And now we know Hanna didn’t bring Alois animeulhima to life.

I half expected I was gonna see Seb’s crow form again. Kuroshitsuji II Episode 9 Discussion. Wasn’t killing Alois enough? The whole plot, every character has a purpose and Claude is fullfilling his role perfectly.

Could it be that he gained some of Alois’s memories? I can’t even find words to describe it!! Claude told Ciel that Seb killed his parents too And Will losing his glaces Ciel asked Seb to leave and Claude became his butler. And the triplet servants We didn’t see his face.

And Claude keeps lying! The ‘feel sorry for me’ type of character who looks useless and helpless, but ends up being a big part of the show and is just a physco as any other character, possibly even more. He really does look good XD!! Been fangirling about him all day, because he’s gonna have a Character CD, but now he’s actually in the show?!!!!

Lol Hannah ‘confirmed’ that Ciel is Alois and if I understood correctly like to poke out eyes. Lol i though so too while watching the episode.


Where can I watch Kuroshitsuji season 1 episodes english subbed?

It only took him until after his death to realize that Alois was right. IMO this is referring to Ciel ‘being’ Alois. I don’t come with a security label! William without his glasses made me laugh so hard.

He just showed how cunning he can be, Claude is really smart and if it wasn’t for him this show wouldn’t be half as interesting. Please be cautious of me! That scared the crap of me.

In a way, good. He was so shaken after everything he wasn’t thinking clearly and remembering his past. I wonder where he came from. All those lies just to take Ciel’s soul later on. But I need subs to understand everything! No, gosh I won’t stand for it if Ciel makes a contract with Claude. Ciel was only from Hannah’s story and he didn’t just turned crazy all of sudden.

Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. It’s clear that Hannah is on Claude’s side – at least for now.