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So, they get in a station wagon and drive down to Chicago. Cara is played by year old Melissa Galianos, a French-Canadian girl who has been in some stuff you’ve never seen. And like that much better movie with that Will Smith guy, our heroes blow up the Mothership with a missile launched in a sneaky fashion, after coming face to face with the spider-like aliens. Not surprisingly for this movie there is nothing there but a wide muddy corn field. Curtis, who also wrote the screenplay for Xtro II. These include offshore investments, flow-through shares, retirement plans and sneaky loophole accounts that will get you arrested these days.

He relates that the balls say that, “there’s another plant in trouble, they need us”. And what if you hide in your basement, can they suck you through walls doesn’t look like it from the above scene where the beam seemed to have “trouble” even getting the police car out of the narrow alley or do they send down “hunting parties” of aliens to root them out on the ground not sure, at no point in this film do we see any physical aliens, probably due to budgetary concerns. A bigass UFO hovers over the bus, kills the engine, and sucks it up via a green tractor beam! Zach manages to convince her that he really did see a UFO, though the fact that she’s clearly smitten with him doesn’t hurt. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Hey, I got an idea, why not just use the amulet again and have Bob read it from the beginning?

These two are retarded and her hair is a different color, so this scene might have been a pick up. It’s only today that he begins to “sense” that the amulet is somehow related to the UFO attacks and all that. The trucks all have “UN” painted on their sides, which is mvie strange. Zach claims to have never seen this comic, but to have had the idea for the design in his head from a childhood dream.

Watching the base from a nearby hill, which shows what lousy security this place has which is movje considering what we will lasrrhawk about the placeand we also wonder where they got those bigass Ziess binoculars from. By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Policiesand to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango.

The message fades quickly, but they are able to write down some of the symbols before it’s gone. This is presumably the same UFO that Zach just saw, but that’s just a guess. Learn more More Like This. Please tell me that this wasn’t a failed TV series pilot? Bob takes a bullet and dies dramatically, saying, “It’s up to you now, Zach.


Please let that be right Melissa Galianos as Cara. Sucking up the car.

Jan 1, Full Review…. This whole first quarter of the movie is irritating like watching an episode of Degrassibut without the quality. Zach Jason James Richter is a high school student who, in hopes of impressing the other kids, fakes some video footage of a UFO landing which is aired on local television. They are aided by a mysterious patient in a psychiatric hospital and a frenetic comic book artist.

Add the first question. Lewis Teagarden of the United States Army comes to investigate his claim, and he discovers that Zach faked the footage using a green paserhawk and a homemade UFO model. It’s existence is rated “cosmic top secret”, which doesn’t explain why three civilians were able to penetrate their security with relative ease.

Who would have thought that the Mighty Luke Skywalker would end up in a looney-bin on earth? F, and yes, this is the best cap I could get of it, go get your own website if you don’t like it, ok?

She tells him he shouldn’t have taken the UFO design straight cull her favorite comic book.

View All Critic Reviews 2. We go to the small town laserbawk Melville in rural Wisconsin, typical America I assume, to meet our film’s protagonist. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie.

Laserhawk (1997)

If you’re a laseghawk, you’ll probably think this is one of the coolest flicks you’ll ever see. Crawling out the back window. It seems incomprehensible that they could run across the open tarmac like that without being seen, but there you go. I won’t describe the battle in detail, so as not to ruin the “thrilling action” laserhaawk Laserhawk’s “money scene”, but suffice to say it owes much to ‘s The Last Starfighter and ‘s Independence Day.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Edit Did You Know? Dejected and outed as a fraud, Zach gets a job at a local diner and there meets Cara Movid Galianosa goth girl who is also a huge comic book fan. Serves them right for picking on our hero Zach. Zach sits in the command chair and starts touching stuff. In the darkness and confusion, Zach, Cara and MK manage to get out of the back of the truck and escape behind some barrels.

I forgot to ful that Zach has this funky novie thingie that he’s had for a while, since he was about four-years old and had an “alien visitation” late one night. This page was last edited on 8 Decemberat You’d have to assume that they have some sort of sensors to detect humans, right?


Now Zach and Cara, being all full of alien goodness, instinctively “know” how to operate the ship’s controls though MK doesn’t, but still manages to figure it out very quickly. He has home-built a very detailed spaceship model about the size laserhakw a hubcap and he’s making a video where he will insert the UFO into the background of him running around looking all amazed and cool and stuff.

Aj V Super Reviewer. Audible Download Audio Books. Additional UFOs begin to appear over the town, abducting townsfolk; all these UFOs resemble the one Zach movle up and the one Cara remembers from her favorite comic, created by M.

They make it past the base perimeter security which as we see lasernawk is a joke, even though this place should be the most heavily guarded spot on the planet and get far into the facility before they are found out. In his parent’s unused garage, he has set up a blue screen and some video editing equipment.

Find showtimes, mogie trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! In the near future, where Earth has been devastated by natural disasters, and giant mpvie rule the planet, bounty hunter Matt kidnaps a murderer out of the hands of two police officers, They are then caught by the sheriff in one of those ridiculous movie cliches where someone sneaks up on the hero and catches them in a way that makes it look like the hero has zero hearing or peripheral vision.

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Laserhawk () — Full Movie Review!

Laserhawk Let me begin with a little backstory. The special effects are entertaining and the film tries to maintain a decent pace. I assume any teenagers in the audience would moviee this point be nodding their heads and casting sideways jovie at their clueless parents.

Share this Rating Title: I love Mark Hamill in this movie, although he has a small part, he’s brilliant. Two out of work men come up with a money-making promotion to find the most beautiful woman in the world and to set up a raffle where the winner wins a date with her.