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Seriously, look at this again, Linkara: But Peter is and has been an adult for decades now. One More Day – th Episode 30 Jul 9. So if you have enough internet left to watch a 70 minute review then this will certainly be a good choice either that or Spoony’s Ultima 9 review if you’re a fan and even though I went through what I saw in this review the whole way through it would still be worth looking at because Linkara does a better job of reviewing the comic then me talking about what I saw him review in the comic. Password reset instructions will be sent to your registered email address. The unwillingness for the character to become an adult. Trivia Not counting the live shows and crossovers, this is the official th episode of Atop the Fourth Wall. Try again pyrobrainiac worked hard on this score.

But the writers and Marvel editorial seem to steadfastly refuse to let that happen. Password Forgot your password? Edit Storyline To celebrate his th episode, Linkara rants and raves and flat out excavates the one comic book he hates most of all. That Sci-fi Guy Loren Lovhaug Guest stars galore pop up as Linkara celebrates his th episode by reviewing the one comic he swore he would never review: This is the song that played during the credits of the th episode of Atop the Fourth Wall.

Linkara Prime as L. Obscurus Lupa Phelan Porteous I only just now realized that this was in the wrong key the whole 200gh. In this a lot of people have only really criticized the ending of the book saying that Spider Man cutting a deal with Mephisto is probably the most unbelievable thing to happen in Marvel Universe continuity.

Showing all 2 items. That Sci-fi Guy Loren Lovhaug Ask That Guy Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Search for ” Spider-Man: He’s never thought about the repurcussions of his life if he should be maimed or killed while wearing the costume, to his wife or to his constantly dying aunt.

I am a casual watcher of Linkzra The Fourth Wall, I haven’t seen that many episodes but by far and away the number one most memorable episode I have watched out of the handful I’ve seen so far eposode Linkara’s review for what many consider to be the worst comic book storyline ever or not, I don’t follow press on comics Spider-Man: I have been working on transcribing it for about three months on and off.


You’re seriously doing this, aren’t you?

Password reset instructions will be sent to your registered email address. Was this review helpful to you? I’ve made several jokes in the last episodes about how Peter Parker’s life is an endless spiral of shame and misery, what with his friends and loved ones dying all around him or becoming super-villains because of his life as Spider-Man and I mean it.

The reader changed but Peter Parker has not. During a story line called “The Other” when Peter was dying from an untraceable condition, this was also written by JMS by the way, he admits that he doesn’t 200hh have life insurance. This frickin’ comic just said the reason people play video games and enjoy escapist fiction is because they’re losers who want something more with their lives.

To print parts, please upgrade to a Pro account first. You know there was a rumor that Marvel was doing its own reboot to compete with the one DC did last year.

We’ve got the best photos from the night’s biggest celebrations, and you don’t get a hangover. What I like about this review even more then well, it being convincing to not read this comic I like Linkara’s suggesting on how this story would have worked better. That was what made his character so appealing to begin with: And yet he linoara approaches his problems like a year-old would and is never actually prepared to act like a mature adult.

It really works in 200t respect and I’m just hoping when I see more of his stuff he manages to do even more of that because I haven’t really seen an internet reviewer that has really done this but instead more questions the plot holes and points out what he thinks is a problem with whatever it is he’s reviewing.


Seriously, look at this again, Linkara: Choose where you want to share: This is one of the reasons I decided to finally review One More Day.

Seriously, look at this again, Linkara: Trivia Not counting the live shows and crossovers, this is the official th episode of Atop the Fourth Wall. How dare you insult video game creators and players!

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But Peter is and has been an adult for decades now. In the third issue he strangely visits alternate versions of himself which seems to do nothing to serve the story and anger people who read escapist fiction Oh yeah!

But he never actually gives any consideration to the man, preferring to make excuses about it. One More Day – th Episode And that’s just hilarious since Spider-Man is supposed to be the character who does face the real-life challenges of the world.

The Ballad of Linkara

Are you kidding me? I don’t know if it was Joe Quesada or JMS who wrote this, but considering JMS’s body of work concerning speculative fiction and the fact that issues 3 and 4 for One More Day were heavily rewritten, I think it’s fair to assume that Joe Quesasda wrote this.

Spider-Man is just escapist fantasy to them. Peisode admittedly, he was just a young, dumb teenager when he started out and didn’t think of those things.

Now that’s not always going to be the case for everyone in the real world. He just makes the same mistakes over and over. If he places more emphasis on being Peter Parker, he needs to sacrifice his time as Spider-Man. Password Forgot your password?