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It’s been about three years since the end of Shine and DDark gives us a little glimpse of where all the characters are at this point in time. She thought she died during the attack, remembered her heart stopped beating, until she woke up. I will post it later today too. I understand he may be from a different time, still it’s annoying. Quotes from The Gift. My eyelids sank heavily and his hand rested over mine. The premise of the book made me think I would enjoy it.

Overall, it was great, a refreshing change of pace. One other thing that I would love to understand: Happy to hear this world continues in the Seven Years series Ella and Joy will be goo Happily Ever After Dannika has done a wonderful job of bringing our favorite friends alive in this new book. I’m ever so grateful my friend, Lexxie, from un Conventional Bookviews, kept raving about this series. And I’m glad since I’m not a fan of love-triangles and one more wouldn’t make it any better. I wanna talk to Wheeler I feel like his tattoos would be awesome. I would love to see a mini series of the books.

Mageri – Book Series In Order

The Gift is sefies 5. Dec 28, Lindap rated it really liked it. Is this situation that was a plot line in another book? Lexi hated that damn car.

What was the big deal? Of course, it is a novella, but still.


This is a great read; Dannika deserves major kudos for her work. I am intrigued by Remi’s character; will this include him and have you come any closer to working on that story? Justus De Gradi is a man who can jageri her that control.

See you guys soon. Unknown October 4, at 4: View all 8 comments.

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May 19, Beth rated it really liked it. Having a number can be limiting, but I think every story needs an end. I was flying through it. Zoe gets brutally attacked and is given her spark, almost dies from the exchange, gets taken in by Adam, has her appearance completely altered, meets and gets taken in by Justus The Charmer who she is immune toserries taken to the counsel and given back to Samil Her Creator, the one who attacked her and gave her magerri spark.

The greatest honor of my life is to father a child.

mageri series

I was wondering if Kane ever found Sunny after his release from prison. Zoe had told Adam what happened, has gathered her belongings from her old life, and characterss still playing house with Adam. I do understand why she stayed with Adam, since she had become a completely different person, physically.

I could have cared less if any or all of them died. One night, on her way home, all that changes. I can’t help but cast him in my head as being played by Callum Blue, well. Is there any way that you can add your bookmarks to your Zazzle store. Looking forward to burying myself in their world. This series is for those who believe in family, second chances, and finding that person who completes you. Definitely staying away from this series!


I downloaded the next book within seconds of finishing this book, without even checking the price. Mar 26, Bj rated it really liked it Shelves: This book not only showed the significance of chaacters but also the heartache that family endures.

They each have their own governing body.

DDark managed to wring a few tears from me. And a better car. Logan is my all time favorite. The plot of this book includes a twenty-something girl names Zoe, who is forced into b 3 stars to the first half of the book, 4 to the last half. Overall, once the book got going I did enjoy it.

I hope you have a chance to read the Seven Series, which not only is a romance, but also has a Mageri crossover.