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So that they leave them and live separately? Browsing All Articles Articles. Youre an example of why The term Majazi Khuda exists in islam to save the lives of women such as yourself from self destruction and a westernizing thought process that clearly fails proven by statistics. A house wife is a far more important role than any occupation a woman can invest in. You clearly have issues with your inlaws and a struggle to prove something in the womans rights movement. Now how is every young, college-going girl to achieve this “Pakistani dream”?

Top of the list: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: If a lot of women are complaining about how they are treated in their in- law families that means they are not in peace,and living their lives like slaves. I agree with Sr. Secondly, he has the right to deny her permission for some matters — if the need so arises — such as her visiting people or places he does not approve of. Now she is all grown up her step [ Yes, we create our own monsters and chauvinists.

There is nothing to worry about.

Consequently, most of the content broadcast in this time interval is targeted at this predominantly female audience. As for the act of prostration to the husband, were it allowed….

Sania Saeed and Farah Shah are lead actors in the drama. You are just addressing different views and interpretations of people and their societies. khufa

This lady is more like a cross between Nanny, Mom and a perfectionist control freak! Yusuf said to his father: Testosterone is testosterone and estrogen is estrogen.

Mere Khuda Episode 20 Full on Hum tv – video dailymotion

One particular detergent ad showed a husband lauding his wife for successfully removing the stains of dirt off his shirt, while she winked at the viewers and admitted that the detergent did it. You shouldnt have gotten married 2 you had that many issues with the word Majazi Khuda.


The ad showed the frazzled daughter-in-law scurrying to clean up the kitchen before the “Aunty” entered the house. Another piece of advice dished out by another Aunty: Aseer Zadi is now on air on Hum TV.

Secondly, he has the right to deny her permission for some matters — if the need so arises — such as epiaode visiting people or places he does not approve of. Now she is all grown up her step [ That is, how is she to bag an eligible bachelor in order to spend the rest of her life thus serving his family? As for the Islamic aspect of this issue, whether or not the daughter-in-law can live separately, you can find out by clicking here and khuds.

Assalamalikum, I agree with Sr. In very subtle ways, the daughter in law might then seek her rights too and know where to draw the line.

There is nothing wrong with men helping out in the kitchen, or eating simple food. Muslim homeschooling mother of three, non-fiction author of Islamic books, blogger, freelance writer, and foodie.

He also asked his wife to bake, because she baked better, he majaz. Alhamdulillah, you all have motivated me to write a sequel post, in which I intend to cover majaz examples, most of which prompted me to write this post in the first place.

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The Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him said: Cut to the reality show ” Shadi Online “, in which single people drwma marriage, or “candidates”, are aired on TV so that they can get proposals via the media. That way, she will care for them later on. When the food was ready, it was placed before the Prophet Muhammad and his two companions Abu Bakr and Umar. The dream is shattered when her husband Faisal Qureshi decides to travel illegally abroad and is killed while crossing [ The story revolves around Episofe and Ahmer.


Yes, we create our own monsters and chauvinists.

Mere Khuda Episode 20 Full on Hum tv

You have overwhelmed me with your benevolence. Husbands need respect, wives need love.

Oh, you must have cooked all his food for him and frozen it, right? However, if I were to order anyone to prostrate before anyone else besides Allah, I would have ordered the wife to prostrate before her husband. Life Begins At Thirty. Wajhat Rauf- Showcase Productions Khudw One advertisement even showed a husband surveying the several dishes laid out before him, looking up to ask his wife, “…and my halwa?

The reason i can say this is because you remember way too many commercials. Badar Mehmood Join us at: It says so in the Quran, in Surah Yusuf:.