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Lallibadi eini part 1 manipuri movie Sangai Entertainment Month ago. I must say u guys r doin a gud job Hey guys , good job! Doren went on to explain why filmmakers in Manipur take the film forum seriously. The major directors Then what is the idea of copying songs, movie etc from Hindi Movie?

Eikhoidi manipuri film yaamna paamjaba meesakni. Later on, they switched over to making the first venture in Hindi as they were pessimistic about a viable market for Manipuri films. Please correct this silly mistake. Instilling violence in every sphere has not proven healthy for our society. In a small village of Manipur, Thampha, the young and taciturn wife of Dhanabir, works in an office and the couple lead a routine life with their two children. Eina Bangaloreda leijarabasu Manipuri movies toina yengba phang e. Is it completely voluntary or the Team E-Pao solely responsible for collecting the information.

To their surprise they found out that their film was declared the best feature film in the national panorama. There are some pages you guys need to update please do the needful things for us to know all the details of Manipuri Films.

The simultaneous release of Matamgi Manipur at Usha Cinema and Friends Talkies in Imphal and at Azad Cinema in Kakching on April 9 in marked the beginning of an epoch in the history of Manipuri cinema awakening the Manipuri film goers into the reality of a Manipuri feature film luy the first time.

When Joy dies the villagers prevent the funeral rights from being carried out.

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Kaiku is appropriate with Number Two dress materials especially from winter collections in and around Imphal city. Other people involved in the movie have either fled the state, or have been executed.

As a human being she is my sister and as an actress she is one of the most popular Manipuri cine actresses. Film is a medium to educate people.


In Lancha began work on Pal an ambitious film that is to be released in at least four north-eastern languages. I am deeply sharing ny sorrowness to the bereave family. I am so glad to see all about e-pao. Every producers, directors, editors etc wish to get the best resolution film while making.

See Aribam Shyam Sharma. Because the film producers in Manipur are not collecting their cost production. Manipuri Maichou 11 months ago. It’s seen that Editor are not given that weight which in fact the main backbone of any films.

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For more, Log On rhoibi They had never heard of Aribam Shyam Sharma, the director of the film nor had they watched any Manipuri film of any consequence in their life. Mahakki acting style, ways of talking yamna pamjaba aduna mahakka amuktang wari sannajaningduna toujabani.

I don’t find any quality movie that we used to make donkey years back. Binodini had requested them to consider a workshop in Manipur. He was the one who spoke the opening dialogue in Manipuri. Films with these female artistes have won awards galore in the national and the international fora. Hence, a change in costumes.

It may be noted that the Manipur Film Development Corporation could organise workshops on different aspects so that Manipur film workers might acquaint themselves with the latest trends in filmmaking. I like the digital gull ” Sumang Lila ” and it is also playing a very important role ghoibi entertainment section so would like to cover this on our favorite e-rang!!

Anouba Manipuri Films singsida nouna kumlakliba Actor’s amashung Actrees’s singsina mamangei gi Artist singbu ekaikhumnaba utpa films amatang miyamda show toubiragadi mathel amagum yengjaning ee.

In the present socio, politico, religio scenario of north east particularly of Manipur, it can play a great role. This trend is reflected in filmdom as well, I am sure. But, needs more contents and further development so as to cater a larger target. At first I was expecting many more director We have a culture of regarding our things inferior to other’s things. This page has been accessedtimes.


The challenge taken up by these two brave female artistes deserve applause. But before they went back to the hotel to retire for the night, they decided to take a walk to the venue of the national film festival being held in the city just for the heck of it and in part to drown away their bitter experience at the theatre Gorky Sadan.

The film society movement took root in Manipur and got itself affiliated to Indian Federation of Film Societies which had its headquarters in Calcutta. Producers, directors and artistes with theatrical backgrounds strove at making film. From my end if we banned we must forget them and must create a new adventure for our generation.

The most notable of these international film festivals was the Festival of Festivals at Toronto in The readers should know that this website is very conservative and narrow window for the film personalities in Manipur.

Nong takhibagi sumang adusu leikhom ethok thok e. Digital format is the most fertile creature that can reproduce its own clones at a neck breaking speed. Matamgi Manipuri Wari pafam Public Figure.

She would give Manda who gave a life time performance in the film Lallasi Pal, a run for her money. Hopeaudience will find a new taste in it. But when her husband takes her for a ride on a two wheeler through the hilly country to amuse her, she has dizzy spells. Please update manipui on this.