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Kesar wanted to go but Shakti wouldn’t let her. Archived from the original on 20 August Everyone in the house have found out about Amma’s cunning plan and all are very angry, including Sajjan, who insists that Krishna brings back Pratigya. We are using cookies for the best presentation of our site. Krishna starts drinking alcohol to help forget about Pratigya. Pratigya is Professor Saxena’s educated daughter who is engaged to the son of her father’s friend. They believe in superstitions.

Dadi and Thakurain oppose it. Samar doesn’t recognise her as his mother. When Krishna sits down to eat Thakuraayin reveals she made fish for Krishna to eat so Krishna refuses Pratigya’s ‘kheer’ but then Pratigya says its ‘Aashtmi’ which means nothing with fish or meat can be cooked which makes Sajjan throw the food and yell at Thakuraayin threatening to beat her with his shoe. Adarsh gets arrested and tells his Dad awful things. Komal’s daughter scolds her for scolding dadi. He is later released. Kesar’s baby gets born.

Krishna starts drinking alcohol to help forget about Pratigya. Kesar continues to be mentally unstable and confined to a room. He said that if they want Sajjan back, they have to pay him a ransom amount of Rs 5 crore. Then Kesar was traumatized and she wouldn’t let anyone but herself touch the baby. Pooja Gor Best Story: He is luckily asaaz. Title card of Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya. The series premiered on 7 December He has never seen his mother or his bhabhi object to it, and expects the same from his wife.


The story is about the Thakur and Saxena families.

Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya Hindi: He is later released. However, Krishna says that nothing is going to be alright and that their marriage is over. He feels that women are mere objects of pleasure and comfort.

Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya

He decides to pursue Arushi when he sees her and Tanmay together and happy. Professor Saxena becomes ill. Pratigya wants to find him pratjgya they lock her up. He bothers Pratigya and even beats up her fiance. Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya is set against the backdrop of small town Allahabad, where talks travel faster than wind. Shakti decides to sell his ancestral necklace to get the money at the jewellers shop but Sajjan is already sitting there listening to him and beats him all the way back home.

Indian soap opera and Drama.

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Aarushi and Tanmay are going to get married so Professor Saxena invites all of the family in the marriage except Shakti because of what happened last time. Komal is Pregnant and has changed her behaviour towards the Saxena family. Krishna and Pratigya finally get together again and they now have more love patigya each other. Spellbound Productions Walkwater Media Ltd.

Pratigya says to give her one last chance and meet her in behind an old temple but he refuses to come.

During Kesar and Shakti’s baby’s name ceremony Sajjan Singh starts dancing with Ganga which makes everyone feel annoyed and disgraced to which Sajjan Singh shouts out that he will marry Ganga. Meanwhile in the mansion Shakti grabbed the baby but Kesar didn’t allow him to touch the baby.


Kesar goes Mad after shakti dropped samar the baby.

Amir singh Saurav Singh. They let her go in the kitchen so they can make it look like a cooking accident.

When Sajjan came to know, he tried to kill them by pointing a gun but Pratigya stopped it. Krishna hears about their wedding and causes a scene where he breaks everything. Indian Television Academy Awards. Thakuraayin decides to make “Baathi-Chokha” for Baba’s Dhaba but puts spoilt pickles in the “Baathi-Chokha” which Krishna tries first and gets a bad stomach ache. Pratigya agrees to marry Krishna so he can stop bothering her family. Then Ganga tried to drink poison but Saranga stops her.

Pratigya suggests that they have a special deal to attract customers. Sajjan Singh Favourite Patni: Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya. Reacting to this Thakuraayin and Shakti during the night and tell the driver to drop her off at the bus stop.