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The chances of getting better Potential attributes raises with the rank of the item. To beat the boss, your damage needs to be at least 2 million range clean. The higher the rank of an item, the more rare and valuable it is! You may find normal equipments drop more frequently during your training session. Using these scrolls, Maplers can change a normal item into a potential item without using up a precious upgrade count! The cape drop from the boss kill and the shoes are from a coin shop. Hi guys, Sorry for not posting for a long long long time, was not active on maple for a long time too so Im sorry for that. Are you and your friends brave enough to face this new boss?

Like do they have a way to turn the Long sword and broad sword into Arcane Umbra weapons? A special ring for you! This site uses cookies. I havent been online since then. You should also add Fafnir Psy-Limiter in the list. Fully charge your energy in one place to create a concentrated sphere. Any change s will be announced on the official website.

A special privilege for you! Add a pay to win element for the premium quality stuff. Get ready to choose your side…. Head over now to get yourself some new weapons.

Lowest Dead Count in a single round. Hold the Yellow Maple Leaf for 30 minutes. While it lasts, all aura effects will also be activated. You cannot buy items if the shop has more than 2. eauipment

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Kindly refer to this guide: Your email address will not be published. Heliseum Pantheon decided to deal with the traitor, Magnus. So WTF is this INDIAN doing here, this Indian is a professional hacker that hack maplesea and create havoc to maplesea game and sell cheap scrolls in bulk, they have been hacking since year To celebrate the coming of Season 2, Spark and Wind has decided to set up their shops in Henesys.


Anyways, lets get it started! It seems kind of out of place. Bonus stages will be unlocked if the party manages to fulfil certain criteria while clearing this party quest.

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To celebration the creation of Angelic Buster, all new created Angelic Buster that were created during the event period will receive special items. A headgear of your job specific 2. There will be two parts to this competition Part 1 Maple Administrator will judge based on the following criterias. Collect 50 Stardust from monsters 4. Get ready for Kaiser seaaon Luminous!

Green General Suit 3.

The higher the damage you deal, the higher your rank will be and also your ewuipment will be better. The quick way is to just spend meso to purchase the Fafnir equips from the Trade Market which is quite costly but its much faster and you can get the equips with the stats you need. Chaos Pink Bean had been reported seeing around at the Temple of Time. Job Advancement The requirement for job advancement has been changed.

Random rewards including equipments and scrolls maplexea be obtain from the box. What choice will yours be? To celebrate Season 2, Maple Admin had requested player to help her collect alphabets from all around the world of Maple. What happens if you were to replace that with 4 lines of additional options as follows: A water barrier had formed around Ereve, preventing people from entering. Do not be fool by its cuteness as this boss is stronger eeason the normal Pink Bean.

Check out this eequipment for more detailed information 2. For all new created Heroes Mercedes, Aran, Phantom, Luminous, Evanupon reaching certain levels, they will receive the following below items. The higher the rank of an item, the more rare and valuable it is! Von Leon Alliance is back.


Monkey Militia — Split damage Increases the number of Monkey Militia attacks, but also decreases its skill damage Monkey Militia — Persist Increases the duration of Monkey Militia Monkey Militia — Enhance Enables the setup of more monkey Militia Cannon Bazooka — Reinforce Increases damage of cannon bazooka Cannon Bazooka — Extra Target Increases number of monsters attacked with cannon bazooka Cannon Bazooka — bonus attack Increases number of cannon bazooka attacks Cannon Barrage- Reinforce Increases damage of cannon barrage Cannon Barrage — critical rate Increases critical rate of cannon barrage Cannon Barrage — Bonus Attack Increases number of cannon barrage attacks Rolling Cannon Rainbow Summons 3 cannons that fire flashes of rainbow with power of helpers Epic Adventure This buff can only be used by legendary adventurers that have explored all of Maple World.

Seems like the Black Wings are up to something again. Head over now to see what had caused him to change. Upon completing the CRA, you will get pieces which is used to form the equipment. Talk to Gaga in any town to begin 3. I have added a note there to help others who also have the same query as you. Available to Level 13 and above.

Chaos Pink Bean had been reported seeing around at the Temple of Time. Thanks for pointing it out!