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I thought they would play diff people! Kang San is crushed to see his hard work smashed so easily. July 27, at 4: Even the normally frosty Dan thaws a bit as she tries on the pretty things Seol bought her, and the reunion is lively. Birdie January 26, at They are both good looking. Is yes, can I know what time will the episodes usually be uploaded?? October 17, at 8:

The silent effect seems to work best when there’s music before that certain scene, so that it’s stops and we are aware that it’s supposed to be a moment of effective silence. August 15, at October 20, at July 17, at August 9, at You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! I wish we knew how many hours are left until each new episodeā€¦.

June 6, at 9: Sure to fall in love with his character.

October 28, at 6: I really don’t want any of the OST to be playing during the kiss scene. I wonder is there more than 30 episode. Grandpa’s appeal crosses age and all barriers. He begs Geum Hee to be there mother since the children have never had one guess their mother died not to long after the youngest girl was born.

The Queen of SOP –

Without special people like you, my kdramas would be nothing but jibberish!!! I actually like his eyes!


The Queen of Sop is beyond expectation! Firing the epiwode team is not what they should do. Although their love story on the drama only started at the late part, true friendship blossoms and develop from the very start of the series, so does in reality. October 28, at July 28, at 9: I have totally discarded QOS 2. August 2, at 1: August 2, at 5: This stirs Haeyoung, who has gone through much turmoil in this episode, and this is why he tells her to forget about this, and then kisses her.

July 27, at 7: Anonymous 20 May at epieode July 16, at 8: I thought he was still alive, but perhaps I’m mistaken. Would be weird to always compare and think about XJ and TJ etc. I hope it happens with MP as well, because these two are just too darn cute: July 18, at Sure, an auteur film can afford a music-less first kiss as a way of experimenting new filming techniques, but in a drama which is supposed to make the fluffy romantic hearts skip a beat, that silence made it awkward and luke warm – if not downright cold.


Seol invites Jung-woo to eat with her, and who should they find in the dining room but the Hae-young and Yoon-ju. Been waiting all week!!!

Thanks for the exciting news!! January 28, at The First Mate Team.

Episode 12

Oh, does anyone know when this is uploaded each day? November 1, at 5: July 27, at Please enter your username or email address.

Josina January 27, at 6: If Jae Hee was not the cast then i think maybe i didnt feel so eager to dramacrszy. Someone said there was only 1 episode today: Do you know if Chen Qiao En is gonna be in the second season? August 5, at 7: Yang Mi Kyung Supporting Cast.

May Queen Korean Drama

I hope they wont call it SOP Queen 2 if the story doesnt continue from season 1 though. In order to get the drilling right.

Bae Sung Jong Supporting Cast.