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Really truly appreciate it. Was this job his dream? I also have thought from the start that the best ending for HJ is a nice death. No1 February 10, at 8: But JW said no with calm expression. I’m just glad for the opportunity to express my appreciation. Thank you, Koala, cos you took the words right out of my mouth. I had a great time reading your comments, as well as everyone’s.

In my opinion, Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter was one of the most underrated dramas of He went to Doctor Lee to apologize Love, Actually style for filming her without her knowledge, and to give her the file of the videos. Gah, things just went from bad to worse. Evil Saemi is very smart she know GeumHwa weak points ‘gullible’ and Geumhwa is willing to let Saemi stir her emotions. JB, you are the best! Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter Favorite.

Synopwis the fuchsia lipstick really stands out on all of them that much more. I am looking forward to this process of healing between Soo Yeon towards her mom the pain caused by her poor parenting and Jung Woo the pain caused by his desertion.

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That attitude, the hypocrisy of the upper class – those reasonable-looking decisions, are what I saw portrayed here: Izie February 10, at 9: Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. Rock bottom self esteem? What heartbreaking moments that were so meaningful in showing us that Soo Yeon does miss the people who used to be in her life, but at the same time its clear it hurts too much for her to go back to them.


I’m legit crying right now. The official interpretation of events is that Jung-hoo was dispatched to kill the informant, and was aiming at her, not the real assassin. He asks her to keep it confidential. Thanks for the recap K!!! Amazon 10 OFF https: Posted June 23, I am teary here! But SM said could it be?

There is nothing in the story about how and why teacher went to jail for them all. Since Bausae and Izy can be reincarnated as any gender, would Ok Nam have fallen in love with her husband if he were a woman?

Narratively, they were well-employed, and I felt like they all fulfilled their functions well. Plus Jeom soon will endnig call him dad once he marries her mom? That she lived of his wealth built on lies and crimes? Also don’t forget we are celebrating a virtual birthday party for Ji Chang Wook on 5th July, on the last page of this thread, and you and everyone who loves JCW are invited.

Posted June 25, Or he could have arranged to give Myung Hee some peace about it and tell her to keep quiet for the safety of the child. The Elder seethes at the idea of being ousted in a coup. She announces that Hyung Joon is just her type.

Or will that peeve you off more? A verification email has been sent to your new email address. All the moral questions were tied, in this plot, to what the team was going niss do about omega holdings; and if they only made a dent, I wanted it to be recognized as only that.

Anyhow, even if she has, I don’t expect a response from her. Mich January 5, at Did you watch Giant?


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The whole detective mystery portion of this drama has always been clunkily written and elementary to the point of being laughable. Each episode is better than the previous eynopsis it is the only kdrama that has the consistency and innate ability to maintain the momentum and have the right twists and turns to excite us.

Omomo, I mean we won’t be here if it wasn’t for her!!! Things I don’t like,: For some reason this synopsks me laugh! In the police station, Jung Woo sees the cleaning ahjumma looking at print outs from the copy machine, which includes a picture of her from outside the police station captured on the CCTV there.

This was my favorite line from JB’s recap as well. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. This is almost too much for Hyung Joon to bear and he has to work at controlling his unhappiness at learning this fact.

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Didn’t realise how much I missed Kaldi until I saw him again. But they are not OTP. GH’s mother asking JW to have some conversation. MH mizs return to care for him as a “friend” He quips that it tastes better with his personal fire, but both Geum and Ok-nam good-naturedly refuse.