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These dials work in conjunction with the chronograph function. My answer about waterproof vs water resistant was not really answered. I have had a Black Titanium Silencer for four months now and the watch keeps great time, there are no signs of wear on the watch or band however the small screw that holds the band to the watch has unscrewd and been lost. Comms Plan P rimary: These lights have saved me from stepping on or near some pretty bad stuff. Has anyone made enquires about replacing the battery should there be a problem. I have a big wrist.

I was honest with my ideal purchase of a watch and the required desire of a time piece to suite my high levels of an active life style. Today I have the appropriate model in for review, the Cobra. Plus, last time I checked, there are seven months with 31 days. One shortfall I found is the screw that holds the links together falling out, the screw driver provided seems not to work pretty well with the screws. This is the most comfy watch I own. I did go to a shoe cobbler against their advice and for 5 bucks the guy sewed on a new strip of velcro and the band is even better.

And visit the great country of China to have better looking blackhzwk that you can claim as Patriot watches. My personal view on trends is that they are just bullshit tatics set by the some in the industry to keep you spending money. Without any other background, that seems atrocious.

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It did not hit the watch very hard Unfortunately I had to wait quite some time to receive my watch back from the Dutch supplier about three months. Bezel, Dial and Hands: I would also add that this seems to be an inherent product defect. It works excellent and it glows just fine when waking up in the middle of the night checking the time. Other than that he watch itself has held up well.


I have recieved no payment or perks in exchange for writing this review. Sapphire Crystal Glass Anti-reflective and scratch resistant sapphire glass to withstand the toughest conditions for optimal use in outdoor activities.

On my watch, the screw would not screw back into its thread. The uniqueness comes with the minute hand. I live in South Africa so the summers are pretty hot.

It is very cool like a Transformer, if Megatron transformed into a watch, the Silencer would be that watch. Original strap is still in one piece, the watch is still ok, the LED lights are still fine. This iframe contains the logic required to handle Ajax powered Gravity Opx. The M water resistance waych more than adequate for the considerable time I spend in the water. Hlackhawk, leader of the broken watch team again. Hey Art, You should also think about opz your going to use the watch.

Personally I think the hairlines add a badass look to the watch. I want to share the things I learned about MTM while working for them.

And yet, the dial has literally not a scratch on its face. Being this a military type watch and from your comments above I suppose it can withstand some sort of abuse, nothing extreme.

The watch in question was provided by MTM Special Ops, whose various models are rugged and have the ability to stand up to the abuse; specifically, we were provided with a sample of their Black Falcon Titanium model.

Each functions with absolute precision. But it worked well enough when I dropped my glasses in the movie theater. I could have chosen another just as easily; but I chose glackhawk one instead. On the other hand, perhaps some soldiers with whom they consulted thought it would be a great feature. Shoot me an e-mail deinerwold innovacresearch. I am not sure I really am. It is currently on my wrist as I type this page and it looks absolutly Fantastic! Never have I ever lost a second during the testing phase that is still ongoing of this watches accuracy to tell proper time.


Lets see it Discussion in ‘ Watches ‘ started by rhicksAug 28, The white light function is too bright to use in a tactical mode.

MTM BlackHawk Special Ops Watch

Case — Crown Side: The warranty card indicates one must use it gently or some such words. Bob, I need a watch that i comfortable, accurate and some what robust. All of reviea have heard these terms used to describe a watch.

As for customer service it is sad to read reports of poor costumer service from any company. He is a family man who enjoys working on his Bronco and farting in the bathtub with equal passion. The UV lighting illuminates dial for 8 seconds. I say stayu far away if you need something that does blachawk it says. Overall it is a great watch, overpriced, but you need to decide if it is right for you.