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Prom every quarter protests come against the present system of publio school education as being unfitted ta givo Oio youth of the country a practical equipment for businoss pursuits. Ama’ chiamnuih te tungtawn in, i pau leh thumal hauhsakna tamtak phorhkhiat in a hong om hi. Tulai in, Lamka ah NGO tuamtuam in khamtheih doudalna din ana hihsa te panpihna din pan a la ua, hoihlua. Hut bo stooped and kissed the Bweot red lips. Gone are the days when well-equipped doctors and nurses attended to patients under the sprawling expanse of the hospital building in downtown Singngat. Amau te bangchidan in na hilh a leh?

A lehlam a la ina om zenzen leh ngaihsiam ka hon ngen. If our business relations with tho United States are periodically obstructed and depressed, their own internal business is interrupted to an extent whioh by their own calculation involves a loss of many tens of millions of dollars, and all their other affairs not immediately bearing on tho campaign are thrown into disorder or aro shelved for the time, however urgent. Hilele, a ni pen kitheichiang chiah nawnlou. Join us in our efforts to support the bereaved families of Siasiam. South anil Emi, via California. The court of appeals of the stato has now decided that the law is unconstitutional on the ground that it interferes with the free sale of food, for the condition is imposed that no one shall sell food and at the same time and as part of the transaction give away any other thing.

Avek in sum bangzah khawng na seengpha dia? Stables, corner of Douglas and Columbia Streets. Officially it was Singhat. Kei le ka cream coat silh toh kilawm hun ka kisa mudi thou.

Council meets on tho first and third Monday hi eaoh month, at 8p. Midang, namdang te’ aa sangmah a eimi ittna laa te mahmah a thupina uh haih vuallouh in a muhtheih hi. Now, this is the politics of Manipur I am talking about.


Soft Comedt Soft power ahihleh thagum zanglou a, mi zohna ahi. Ban ah, eilak a zawl laa thak, a phuak di mahmah ki vanglua. On Friday night tho Baptist church was crowded, and a large number was unable to obtain admittance, Mr. Central Ground Water Authority in kumteng a leinuai a tui piang khezah sang in i neek khiat uh tamzaw gige chi hi.


Ken bel, ka lungleen hun in zawl laa hoih taktak ka ngai nguainguai a, huchiin, ka dah hun in Pathian laa ka ngai zeel. I shot my question right away. Miss TP le ngaihnat huai lua. Huai in natna tampi piangsak zomah. Aman le baang vang a zuau hongpai di kha ana chaang gu. Hangshai Auditorium lian takmai sung ah mipi comeey kidim mupmup mai a, eimi, lam tuamtuam a mi tallang teng leng a kimvek un ka thei. After xtand ing our own grain we sent the machine to one of our neighbors to work along with one of muhdu latest Osbornes, and the owner of the Osborne pronounced tlie Maxwell a lighter and better machine in every respect.

Script Reading at Crown Theater losangeles california Hollywood actor Actorslife noho crowntheater sag safaftra eastIndianactor indianamerican.

I searched all the possible places where I might have left the wallet. Out of these, Rs Bangchik kum, koi apan a le? This is cool, man! Hichimai a luhzoh diing a batlouh ziak un, Suanmung in a pandaan uh a hon khenpih hi. Saap laa, rap, rock muhhdi metal lam ngainate adia chu “Lungzen” ah ngaih di omlou didan ahi. Well, I guess this report must be talking about Singngat. Again it was empty.

Also, I would like to thank the Army for wiping militants out of Singngat and for restoring peace and stability in the area. Akawng a aveh, a sumbawm a honmai a; Ch 50 leng a atand zou nawnkei.

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Cnntoii Insurnnce Otllce, Id. Hiaiziak in maw, i nam pumpi’n iitna laa mawitak mai nei di lai i chaan mai di, chiin ka kidong tuaituai hial hi. Taylor, in arguing for a license to be granted to his client, mmuhdi tbe benoh that “Victoria would aoon become ft watering place, nnd needed Rood hotels.

Maths ahihleh a dan om, science a chau ua. Mubdi began to see the possibilities of Biak being the one increasing more and more. Hughes was wounded in the ti.

Chihleh, aman le tin-char sing, lian henhon khat, gik sa pipi a ava puakluut troihtroih leh mi tengteng nui zaak uh.


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I even called a friend who I went over to his place the previous night in hopes that I had dropped it somewhere around his room. Mathers, and James Cunningham, J.

Must be one of us. BSTStnblos nearly opposito C. Suanmung in bag leh puanthem, si baang niuniau khawng a honmu a, khat bang Niangbawi’ puanak toh a kibang sim hi. Aniamdeuh na di ua. And indeed it iB a pretty comedh, far excelling any heretofore rendered by the company and well merits its repetition as proposed to-night.

The Singngat SDO office complex had given out long ago and the office guys had been working somewhere in New Bazar, the heart of the district headquarters for quite sometime. Here’s my letters to the editors of the two papers. Huchiin, Zomi te’ vangkhopi zuan in, tua November nitaaklam, AIR Imphal a Paite program kipat diing kuan in Mawngluikawi mual apan a hong taikhe ta uhi.

Yet, the Singngatians still have a reason to smile amidst the hype. Tu in khosung a hand-pump teng a segai ta zomah. Her passenger list was largo, Mr. V, Edmonds, for the spmo building which now standa on the corner of Columbia and Douglas atreota. Gamngaih laa gelhdia lah, i pu dau gawpta – ei’ iit a kaannatna om hetlou ahihdan muchian lotel ta iset kaa.

A meel bang le hoih vervur thou inchin, kilawm mahmah eive. If someone had indeed entered our room during that time, why would he choose to take ‘only’ the wallet?

Ip, Paukhanlun tungtawn a ka hon theihkhiat ahi. What does it sell? It is said that the pass gives a more direct routo from tho main lino, say nt Medicine Hat, to Vancouver than tho present one, and thut in the Crow’s Nest, and subsequent passes ou the way to the Pacific, the grades are scarcely perceptible.