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Will Tyrone finally learn to appreciate his mother more when her mother becomes victim of an alien abduction? Because of this, Nicolas felt bad and decided to run away from home with the help of a magical toy, thinking that he will be much better off away from his family. Will Era finally understand her Mommy Mila when she sees her struggles and discovers that all of her mother’s sacrifices are for her? Si Lulu at si Lily Liit: Believing that he is the person who will set her free, Gelli demands Robin to spend his last wish on her to bring her back to normal. Grace is a child who feels deprived by her parents because they can’t afford to buy her a dollhouse. When Mila gives her a magical tablet computer, Era begins to see her mom suffering at work.

Because of his insecurities, Perry is determined to do everything to achieve his dreams. Because of his father’s busy schedule, Ian Mark feels that he is not important to him anymore. Booboo who will give her a magical remote control that will enable her to fast forward time and escape from doing her school works. When a boy named Paolo drinks it, he turns up looking hideous. Teen Edition Plus Ejay Falcon What will they do once the dwarf who granted their parents’ wish returns and threatens to bring harm to their family? Mitch, is a good witch who use her power to help others.

On the Wings of Love. James Reid actor Wikipedia open wikipedia design.

My App #Boyfie: Part 8

Maan is a hardheaded kid who has a habit of sleeping late at night. His mother, Aprilyn, is a former singer. Because of this, Carl’s dad became more focused on winning the competition than spending quality time with his own son. An episode which will teach the importance of listening.

Everything changes when a magical tiara grants them any wish they like, but they wish for nasty things that will make them lose.

Sometime after the accident, he prayed that he could walk and dance again, so that he can go back to school and find his relatives who are far away from a city. When she is given a magical telescope that enables her to see everything, Gellie starts to believe that she is not important to her parents anymore and begins to use the telescope in spreading gossips about everyone she sees.

Kara went with the man and took him to Manila.


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Because Bea keeps on bullying Kat, the mysterious school statue switches the personality of the two students and lets them experience each other’s life. Para sa Hopeless Romantic. Wpisode from the original on 24 December Nilo is a child who is punished to become a fish after accidentally stepping on a dakuwaka, a rare kind of fish which believed to be the lctober of the sea.

She and the whole community of dwarfs lives in harmony until a plan to develop a project for the construction of an establishment endangers their home. When she is given a magical image of Greek god Janus that has the ability to show her past and future, Melody goes back to her childhood and changes her own fate.

Almira saves Stella who turns into a mermaid. As she continues to deceive herself with her undeserved grades, Sarah takes cheating on a different level when she was given a magic ballpen that can answer test questions on its own. Aris Xian Lim falls in love with Venus’ good looks. A fairy named Reyna Mutya Orquia oftober the curse.

Replay of episode 39 Cast: Retrieved 5 September Bkyfie is the daughter of Cristy and Marcus.

She buys four herbal medicines from a herbal shop and mixed all four for her to drink. Terry and Isay are beauty pageant rivals who have different talents: Lara is a disobedient child who loves to play all the time.

Wansapanataym: My App Boyfie October 18, 2014 Teaser

Omeng is a young teen who has a crush on Jennifer, his older brother’s girlfriend. An episode that will teach kids an important lesson about taking good care of animals. Retrieved 4 September Booboo who will give her a magical remote control that will enable her to fast forward time and escape from doing her school works. He will be playing a wimpy teen named Peter Harris.

Mitos, a selfish young girl who is not fond of sharing her toys to others, even to her younger sister. She should value that animals also has feelings and need to be treated well. A perfect story for the whole family this Halloween.

The paintbrushes run out every week.

So he came back to their land for one month and he was transformed into a magic coconut and named himself yataT Tatay in reverse ever since he protected Nato from Bullies Basty Alcances and there to help his wife with the bills at the end Nato knew that yataT and his father were one and the same person. Despite their diligence in selling vegetables in their public market, Jing-jing and her mother would always end up penniless because of her lazy stepfather and brothers. It is up to Ken to help Monica get her self-confidence and her to lift his curse.


Give Gloves on Christmas Day They will try to find a solution to solve the problem of Javier to go to heaven. One day, he and his best friend Gwen Angel Sy went to the school library. Now that he wears the glove, Kenny becomes an expert cat burglar and steals everything that he wants. She soon realizes that it is not easy being a lady so she regrets being a grown-up.

Will Badong finally realize the real value of helping others when he puts the lives of his whole town at risk? Belle is a foster girl longing for the love of her adoptive family who accidentally became a superhero.

After letting her younger brother escape, she chased down Horje until she cornered him. The younger sibling was very greedy of his chocolates and because of that, the elder sibling wanted him to be a chocolate life-form and the genie granted his wish. When Vull decided to adopt three kids for the kid-friendly image of her business, a pair of magical gloves becomes attached to Mh hands and forces her to give away everything she has.

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Her mother gets a suspicion about her behavior and questions her. Minnie is the elder sister of the young genius named Edison and the special friend of Benson. Until one day a magical clown name Swap Matt Evans offers him the power to swap new toys for a price.

She met a boy named Bebot, when she helped eppisode get out of quicksand. Now, Lisa learns a valuable lesson of proper care for the hair. Will she finally learn to value her father’s love now that she will be the one responsible to take care of her family?

Diwalding the diwata and Flora gave him a calming serum in his magic milk.