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It seems Madara will have to get some Rinnegan eyes before the war begins Sara Vivas as Konohamaru Spain dub ; sustitucion. The Click – December 16th – December 22nd Dec 16, Gaara, Lord Lazakage, from Land of Sand has returned. With his new strength Sasuke is able to make quick work of their opponents, forcing them to flee. Ema Kogure as Ami Female Naruto. Danzo didn’t get to use Shisui’s eye and now Sasuke may take over the Shisui.

Sasuke catches up with Gaara, just in time to witness the beginnings of Gaara’s transformation. Naruto always wanted to talk to Sasuke as they had much in common, but Naruto made Sasuke his rival, because he wanted to be him. Takayuki Sugo as First Hokage. Ricardo Sawaya as Kotetsu Hagane ep 29 Tanzou. November Nov 13, Brian Dunkleman as Ruiga. Planting Samehada sword with Killer Bee was genius. As they leave, Itachi Uchiha and Kisame Hoshigaki infiltrate Konoha and are engaged in battle by Konoha’s elite ninja.

Kakashi send Naruto and Sakura away so that he can try to resolve Danzo has 10 eyes and he needed to control the shipppuden that these eyes are opened and extend it for as long as possible.

She is devastated for Sasuke abandoned her. Arturo Garcia Marin as Dan Spain dub. Hidenari Ugaki as Fuujin. I will bare that burden of hatred and die with you. Karin isn’t dead yet, Sakura resolves to natutonine then kill Sasuke and Kakashi is on his way to handle Sakura.

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Wil Wheaton as Menma. Vagner Fagundes as Shikamaru Nara. Marco Balbi as Pak-Kun. Yu-Mi Jeong as Hinata Hyuuga. Although they bring Sasuke back to the battlefield, Obito sacrifices himself to protect Team 7 from an attack.


Yami to hikari” “Those Who Are Strong!!

Retrieved October 11, As the first new City Hunter movie in twenty years, this blast of ’80s future detective action is a narutinine surprise on the big screen, but how has the material underneath aged? Federico Zanandrea as Shino Epsode. Showtaro Morikubo as Shikamaru Nara. Isabelle Paternotte as Tayuya.

Along the way, the group is attacked by Zabuza Momochian assassin sent to kill Tazuna. Junior Fonseca Sound Technician: Viz to Stream Naruto on Naruto. Migimitsu Takase as Kaiza eps One day Sasuke acknowledged him as equal by saying that he wants to fight him. Could he forgive Hidden Leaf? Madara caught up with Danzo. Shelf Life – The Idolmeister Aug 22, Karin on a brink of her own death recalls Sasuke saving her life when she was attacked by a bear. Eventually arriving to their destination, Yamato goes to meet the spy alone with the rest of Team Kakashi remain in the shadows as backup.

Ju Jayeong as Choji Akimichi.

Naruto felt alone, ousted and ostracized by the village. I Am the Hero!

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Yasunori Matsumoto as Postman Ninja ep Hinata intervenes to die defending Naruto, declaring her love for him, and is nearly killed. Naruto had Nine Tails and Sasuke had Uchiha fate. Sasuke spent his childhood trying to win his family’s recognition, though their interest was always focused on Itachi and his prodigious skills. The group honors Chiyo’s memory and then returns home.

Things episide be well. The nine-tailed fox Kurama joins forces with Naruto for the first time, allowing him to stop the other five tailed-beasts. Contact us about this article. Have you seen this?


Yoshito Ishinami as Third Hoshikage. The trick lies in how you use this time. The Hidden Leaf Ninja eventually converge outside the Akatsuki hideout just as the extraction of Shukaku reaches completion.

Watch Sub Revival of the Beasts online.

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Atsushi Nigorikawa ep Atsushi Wakabayashi eps 30, 71, Chiyuki Tanaka 3 episodes eps, This is the legacy that Fourth Hokage left for his son. In Konoha, Orochimaru summons the shikigami to revive the four Hokages. No one wanted to talk to him, many feared him. The only one that can handle that kind of hatred is me.

Naruto closely follows the life of a boy who is feared and detested by the villagers of the hidden leaf village of Konoha. The title of next episode of Naruto Shippuden is “The infiltrator”.

The battle between Sasuke and Itachi commences, and Sasuke is able to use his years of hatred to push Itachi to his limits. Fumitoshi Miyajima as Tanzou. Intrigued by his naeutonine, Tsunade makes a bet with him: Ben Diskin as Arashi Fuma. The history of repeated accumulating hatred. Naruto got frustrated, but Pervy Sage used old fashioned reversed psychology, telling him that he couldn’t possibly match up to his father.