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Suddenly the king came. Then the giant apologized to Timun Mas as well as to the hermit. Scene 5 The old woman very curious where all the food came. Please seseorang bawa itu. Galuh Ajeng went to the witch. Hopefully The God always protect you, Timun Mas. How can I change the princess into golden snail?

Then the king comes over Dewisrengenge. Wait for me, you little girl! I think she will be Golden Snail until the end of her life. Thank you so much. After saw her, I went to the witch. P rince should be my husband not K irana! Why suddenly there are this thick as bamboo spines. Why are not me dad?

Naskah drama cerita rakyat: Timun Mas, come here, child. Although King Munding Wangi already has a daughter who was very beautiful but the king wanted to have a son to replace him one day.

I will make you love me. We both are farmers living in the village near the forest. They were Galuh Ajeng and Candra Kirana. Thank you very much, good hermit! I wanna sleep with you tonight. Thanks Mbok been restoring my child and my child has been cared for properly. I think you should go away from here. Giant rose suffocate drowning in the naekah. Naskah Drama Cerita Rakyat Putri Kemarau Indonesia merupakan salah satu nas,ah dengan berbagai keonh yang beraneka ragam.


The cucumber was getting bigger and bigger each day. Get out of here!

Naskah drama bahasa inggris timun mas

Thank you a lot, Buto Ijo! Widow Dadapan and Timun Mas prayed together. Visibility Others can see my Clipboard.

Hukum dan Kriminal; Pilgub Jabar; Peristiwa. I’m not sure if our daughter can lead this country later! I can catch you in a moment to the other side. Yes, I am his best friend! The jealous Lady was Drzma.

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You can count on me! Dear came out here!

Naskah drama singkat 7 orang, contoh naskah drama singkat, naskah koeng singkat remaja, naskah drama singkat tentang pendidikan, naskah drama singkat untuk 6 orang. The bottle in your right hand? Did you know, I saw Candra Kirana there?

Because she came from the cucumber and she is cute. Mbok Rondo curious and decided to spy on her house. You do not need to pay me anything. Get anskah of here!

Naskah dialog drama 7 orang Tugas Bahasa Indonesia. Dadapan gladly accept Thank you. Timun Mas, my daughter, is playing in the field. What do you want from me?


Pakaian biasa aja kayaknya. Thank you so much! Go onI’ll see you seventeen years later during the full moon. Now you go from here. I wanted to bring home my daughter. Lagi pusing nyari ide buat naskah drama? Are you willing, old woman? He immediately hit the rave with his stick. But I also heard that ask a human as victim? Kirana is definitely in there. Wait, hey that is Candra Kirana. Ajeng did not enjoy the news because she also wanted to become the wife of the Prince.

Why you left me? I was doing my best when making it. She usually wakes up earlier in this castle. As soon as the giant got out of the swamp, it was disappear.