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Months later, a golden cucumber grew in the yard. Maybe the people who want to register. Before his death , Airlangga ordered that the two kingdoms should be put back together through a marriage to avoid the war between them. Naskah Drama – Cinta Documents. I can not wait to get edited Ande Ande Lumut. Without further ado, the prince and boncel directly came to her Pangeran:

His son is really handsome and called Ande-Ande Lumut. KlentingMerah menggerutu sambil memakai pensil alis. The importance is you can go to the party. The couple then remembered that there was a sacred hermit living inside the forest. There is a baby girl inside this cucumber! Jalan satu-satunya, untuk menuju Desa Dadapan. Yuyu Kangkang, fast, deliver us! Hey, peasant, where is your lovely daughter?

At the other sidethere was a prince that in dilemma because his mother forced him to marry as soon as possible. They were shocked to ukning the answer Yuyu Kangkang. Kuning hurried to Dadapan. Mbok Randa was silent.

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I do not have any money! Go to the river to wash all the dirty clothes. Ada jejaka mencari calon istri! But they do not have any other choice. Actually, she was not interested to participate in the contest, because she erama remembered her husband, Panji Asmarabangun.


Mom, please make me up. On my left is K Merah. The black mark is a sign it means that they are yuyukangkangsweatheart. Do you mind it?

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I will keep it. Klenting Kuning peeps, she really wants to know the news. And this giant is my best friend. If there is broken stuff, I punish you do not eat three days. But, I still would not choose one of them.

Mbok Rondo was the main assistant, she was a second mother of Ande-ande lumut. Sudah sekian lama waktu kulewati.

Heran bercampur binggung Anakku, tidakkah kau salah memilih? Because, I know you must be tired. Please you walk straight. Klenting Kuning masuk dengan baki ditangan. I’m the most beautiful here.

Pensil alis mencoreng kening KlentingMerah. Paberik Tekstil Kasrie Pasuruan. Soon, Klenting Abang and Klenting Ijo had arrived lakeside they seeked for boat which located near the lake, but no boat there.

As for you, apparently not had time to clean up, before coming here. Months later, a golden cucumber grew in the yard. Actually, I kuniny miss Jenggala Kingdom. Sekartaji was disguised as a village girl and stayed with a wealthy widow named Nyai Intan.


Terima kasih, gadis sakti. Oh yes I know mom, but what happen if we do not meet the crown princess?

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All homework that I do all alone. This is good news!! You also join this contest? No one he received as his wife.

Music gending Java Klenting Kuning: After that, the giant chased Timun Mas and he was getting closer and closer. Then, YuyuKangkang crossed them to another side dgama the river. Where is the boat. What does she want from us?

What are you doing here? The cucumber was getting bigger and bigger kuninf day. Thank you, mom and dad! Why do you prefer unkempt girl to them, beautiful and charming girls? Inilah gadis pilihanku, Simbok!