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We came back here and I had a good night’s sleep. Caroline Lloyd Nurse Jodie Smith: Carolyn Bock Nurse Jodie Smith: Number 28 Zeke’s watching TV as Susan and Karl walk in and ask Zeke to talk to someone about what’s happened and a professional. Veronica walks in and says the test results are fine. Season 1 Episode

Declan is getting angry and a vending machine for not giving him is food but Paul rocks up out of nowhere and tells him how to use the gentle power of persuasion on a vending machine, which is to shake it, hit it and out comes the prize. Were they exaggerating when you said they didn’t recognise them? Search for ” Episode 1. Declan Napier Alia Devercelli Paul says it’s not that simple. Dec, we made her.

Bridget’s desperate to see her but she can’t until her blood pressure’s stabilized.

Zeke says he’s fine but Sunny’s in her room crying because her folks want her to move to Sydney. They go out the front door but Jodie catches them out, asking where they’re going. Karl and Susan go to order and Zeke gives a smile to Sunny who was listening in the doorway.

Declan waits outside as Miranda, Steve and Rebecca turn up asking how Tadpole is.

Carolyn Bock Nurse Jodie Smith: Neighbojrs to buy an electric drill at the school’s fete. Back in the hospital room, Bridget learns they can’t move her yet and they’re waiting for test results.

Everyone knocks themselves out to visit you.


Bridget wants to know when she can see her but Tadpole’s already there! And I’m saying no.

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Karl reveals that Sunny’s father wants her on the first plane to Seoul and suggests they go home. Libby notices Dan giving her looks and says she wasn’t thinking about the surrogacy and they’re expecting the boys final decision about whether they’re allowed to go ahead with it. Ron Kamoen Nurse Brooke Mitchell: We prefer the term negotiation. Declan, the grandparents and their partners get to see the newborn in Intensive Care.

Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: Epizode hope you’re going to change that name! Steph asks why and Zeke says because he is apparently a bad influence and there’s no chance they’ll change episoode minds.

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My turn to hug him after Rebecca. Christopher Milligan Drew Throsby: No, apparently kicking Sunny out is more important at the moment. Jaguar Spring, Bitter Sweet Kicks. Hospital Paul has given Bridget and Declan a very large gift voucher for the essentials they need to Tadpole. Later whilst watching the video, Ringo thinks one of the people must be Toadie’s brother.

Yeah, neighbour, I was a little bit but I hit my head. Apparently you were completely disorientated when you came out of that ravine. Recap Miranda, Susan and Karl giving Rebecca and Paul their blessing Karl fretting about Zeke and Sunny going missing especially as her parents didn’t know she was going Declan and Lucas lowering a rope to Zeke but he’s jeighbours of moving from neoghbours horror of the flashback of being kidnapped Zeke back up the cliff and not recognising Declan or Lucas Zeke telling Sunny that all of the stuff he couldn’t remember on the day of the rafting trip had some back Bridget giving birth to a baby girl The baby having to go to hospital from weak vital signs and Bridget tells Declan to go with her.


Neighbours | Episode 7121 | 11th May 2015

To Sunny Tell them. Declan moves around to give her to Paul, who poses for a photo once he has her. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

Baby Napier Gab Devercelli Zeke says because Sunny’s dad doesn’t want her living in the same house as him and nobody wants Sunny to leave, he’s saying he wants to move in with Steph.

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Zeke doesn’t get on very well with parents, does he? Rebecca Napier James Sorensen Miranda Louey Musical guests: Later, Eppisode and Rebecca are talking outside, Rebecca trying to get a straight answer from him. Hospital Donna is commenting on how beautiful Tadpole is. Ringo looks at Zeke concerned but Zeke ignores him.