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Tomorrow on Neighbours – Summer telling Chris that Michael is starting to remember. While Summer and Chris are getting drinks, Summer tells Chris that Michael is starting to remember about the phone, and is worried he’ll start to remember more. We were enjoying a really nice lunch, on Valentine’s Day. Sonya seems pleased with this news because she fancies having a fireplace where the damaged wall is! She’s not going to let anything happen to you. He greets Emilia wishing her a Happy Valentine’s Day. Making it to Valentine’s Day is one thing, making it through the day is another. Michael says he remembers an argument, and as Summer had told Rhys that she had an argument with Michael before he blacked out, Rhys thinks his memory is correct.

Commercial break later and Kyle wonders why he’s being babysat and Michael explains it’s just policy. Kyle interrupts Michael’s thoughts, saying that he’s finished fixing the toilets. Kyle asks for his Valentines present, Jade keeps the cuddly toy hidden in her bag and tells him he’ll have to wait until later. For god’s sake Kyle, she’s on holiday! Summer I have to report this. Season 1 Episode You’re walking out on our date?

Home And Away Episode 6336-6337 30th November 2015 [DOUBLE]

Rhys tells him it’s unlikely that he’ll be remembering false things. Tash tells Summer she needs to get over this lover’s tiff. Tony Osicka eposode, Karl Zwicky.

Michael recounts his vivid memory of what happened. Kyle knows I don’t like any of that soppy stuff, it’ll be great! As Lucas returns, Michael leaves. You cheated, you covered it up, and you lied. Andrew enters and tells Tash that he’s going to the party tomorrow, Summer says she’s not neighboure the mood to go, but Andrew and Tash agree they’ll have a good time there.

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Harold’s Tash tells Summer and Neighbourx about the traffic light party on Valentine’s Day tomorrow and tries to convince them to go, neither of them care. Michael tells him that he’s having flashes of memories from before he collapsed. Lassiters Terrace Jade looks around at the romantic setting, and joins Kyle. Search for ” Episode 1. Michael leaves looking thoughtful. Dominic volunteers to go travelling with her and Kate decides to sod waiting until next week, she wants them to leave as soon as!


Number 26 Jade is cooking for a meal with Kyle, when Rhys enters. Erinsborough High Michael presses the vibrate button on his phone repeatedly. Paul getting into strife! Cue flashback to him meeting Summer in the school toilets. He tells her he remembers a student of his cheating on the exam.

Home And Away Episode 30th November [DOUBLE] – video dailymotion

I’m sorry, I am being an idiot with neiyhbours girl. Audible Download Audio Books. The sergeant isn’t bowing down to Paul’s demand that he does something now so he can get cash he was told to report it to the bank but Paul doesn’t want to go that route because it will take too long and is enjoying throwing around all the negative references Paul called them earlier back at him!

Full Cast and Crew. We were enjoying a really nice lunch, on Valentine’s Day. See, this is where its at: Erinsborough High Emilia neighbohrs Michael to talk to Summer. Kyle happily repairs the school lavatory.

Mike was assigned to supervise, but the location rekindles his seizure and flashes concerning Summer’s meanwhile memory-blocked cheating incident. Harold’s Store Michael pulls Summer aside for a chat when neeighbours in to get the coffees.

Later Kyle hangs up the phone and tells Jade that Paul still hasn’t found Kate. He remembers Summer following him out of the toilet, yet Summer told him yesterday that when she left the toilets he was already on the ground. School Michael returns with the coffees for Kyle and himself. Sonya seems pleased with this news because she fancies having a fireplace where the damaged wall is!

Look I am sorry that I said you hold me back, you don’t. Episodd grabs her bag KYLE: I’m worried about our friend. Jade decides to buy a romantic cuddly toy lying on the counter. Written by KGF Vissers.


This week on Neighbours Andrew reassuring Summer she didn’t hurt anyone. As he approaches the girl’s toilet he is a bit hesitant since that is where he collapsed and Priya quickly offers to have someone swap but he insists he is okay to carry on. She calls, she’s trusting, she’s innocent.

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She’s not like you. You used to have a thing for her. Tomorrow on Neighbours – Summer telling Chris that Michael is epsiode to remember. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies fpisode TV shows on your phone neihgbours tablet! Previously on Neighbours – Sonya determined to do up 30 alone. Strife between the Ramsay sisters. I know how important uni is to you, and I know how stressed you were; how much pressure you put on yourself.

Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Andrew sees this and follows Summer. Bianca Dawson Tom Oliver Previously on Neighbours Kyle asks Jade to not take things out on him, they kiss Lucas tells the Number 26 housemates that Kate’s done a runner, Jade asks Kyle why he’s neighbourx worked up about it Andrew tells Summer he’s sick of her judging him and holding him back When Michael was in hospital, Summer asks him if he remembers anything Summer hiding the phone in the toilet Michael tells Summer he remembers buzzing or vibrating Summer lies that when she saw him he was on the ground outside the school toilet.