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The series is off to an intriguing start. It’s not animation style yet, right? I heard women’s average size was like cm in Japan. I haven’t had a maths test for more than 2 years now. The group arrives at Apollon headquarters, where Simone learns startling truths about the virus, her father and Rasmus. The others discover a new bunker — and a disturbing secret that lies within.

Are you saying that you’ll watch it soon? Because the map shows a wall to the north, Martin concludes the spread of the virus was stopped. I do remember watching the one from episode 9 though, and the music with that picture in the background were Last season they lost in their last game of the season so I dunno. I really, really hope Kill la Kill ending will be less depressing. I think his names Reudy. Alright, feel free to continue our thread on this reply! Oh well, there is always worse, like the guy who greentexted he has a cousin who always smash things with a hammer and when he takes it away the kid throws himself in the fireplace.

I think I’ll make it so that you can vote for a top 5, and then also put in your favourite company. Ah, yeah I know what you mean. Praise Saito Chiwa I think in my top there are zero to very very few French dubs. Back at the cabin, Beatrice and Rasmus enjoy their intimate day together, but a leaky roof causes Beatrice to be hit with a drop of water. Oh yeah, I usually stream my anime, just because it’s faster, and I’m lazy.


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The Rain Episode 1 Recap: Stay Inside

I could not comprehend what was going on with the sky or walls The others discover a new bunker — and a disturbing secret that lies within. You mean the one the MC is in love with for no reason? Then good ni- oh, he’s gone already. Simone finds her father’s phone in the bunker and learns, via information she finds on the device, that her father has likely traveled to Apollon headquarters in Sweden.

Meiji Kenkaku Romantan 4: See you at the polls, I guess. She then destroys the map, telling them they need to keep her alive to find it. A sick man is there. Oh, yeah, it was that. Unable to shoot a woman who is walking the highway holding an infant, Martin allows her to pass the checkpoint. It includes 4 anime of my top 5 so The four cannot leave, except Simone with Rasmus. View all TWD Sites.

I haven’t felt this amazed by an anime for quite a while. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Well we can forgive KyoAni, because of all the good things they did, for 1 or 2 useless shows they did Hyouka right? I only ever pause a video halfway through to check if someones messaged me or something.

But I think I’mll watch it to the end – it’s supposed to be a masterpiece after all. One day, a quarantine patrol arrives and a group of strangers confront the father of the family instructing him to come with them.


If I remember well, at the times, Toradora! The mere sight of a tentacle, yet animewafflws basics, puts me off so Bleach is way too long though.

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Wolfling Motor Maestro Posts: Page 1 of 1. That’s what I said after S;G but Even though I liked Bleach so much, it was difficult enough getting through all of that Which one was it?

Also really looking forward to Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san, which will probably be as useless as Sakura Trick, but cuter than Akuma no Riddle.

Full Metal Alchemist https: Okay in order not to die from the heat I’ll no-raain my window. I had mixed feelings about the first 13, but those last I still hesitate with Fairy Tail though. But I guess I’ll never watch Higurashi Views Read Edit View animewaffless. I have plenty to talk about. Tch, I already want to hit her, because Sato is a very loveable and catharsis-inducing?

Watched episode 2 after it was still very cool. And Nisekoi will be good as well.

Bo-rain from ” https: In the present, a drunk Patrick tries to kiss Simone. Depressed and alone, Patrick gets drunk. I dunno, maybe he’ll surprise me.