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Where would you recommend that is a great dive site for still a relatively novice diver that could also be incorporated into a trip? Even with my parents, I pushed them to finally leave the continent and go to Europe. It is a given that two highly macho guys can pick up a scantily clad girl in any country and make some film footage. Bhutan has certainly been on our radar in the past. I know its three weeks after this reply, but if you didn’t know, all the full episodes of Departures and Descending are available for free on OLN. Departures also promoted as departures. The team behind the series met at film school:

If given the opportunity, and at this stage in your life, would either of you be willing to put everything on hold and travel for another year. He must harness the power of the wind to explore some of the most remote islands and That being said, theres so many experiences I would never have had the courage to do unless I HAD to film it. You guys should totally do the stans. There were also some moments which we decided were just going to be for us. I saw the world through a lens.

More electronics then an iPhone. Hi Scott and Andre! Some of the places we had on our list but were unable to get to were: Thanks very much for your reply, that makes a lot of sense. Himself 43 episodes, Justin Seasson Are networks really not wanting to pick up more travel shows? Huge fan of Departures and Descending. Wish I could ask you guys more but I don’t want to take up anyone else’s time.


What sort of life lessons did you learn from Justin in your years of travel together?

I have a few questions for Andre! When i had cable in my household in the past, i remember channel surfing. For sure we would! Frankly the kind of TV that we love to watch. Was this review helpful to you? For an hour me and his brother Jeff our field producer searched the shores, asked villagers if they saw where the plane went.

Keep up the good work. You guys have created such great shows my question is do you have any new seasons in the pipeline for either show or either or perhaps another depatures show? I would say a very close second would be Greenland. He lives happily with Justin. Yes, we worship different idols, we believe different things, we do different jobs and do things in different ways.

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The man in Chernobyl? Scott and I and our Distributor are approaching many new networks to find a home for our brand of television.

I binge watch the show and really enjoyed it. Earth is a water planet – yet so few dive in to discover the world beneath the waves. Just wanted to add that I appreciated all of your Simpsons references in Departures. Also a Brantford boy!

It’s like watching a movie sometimes. We have approached them and its up to them if they want it! I would really love to do a year-long trip once I graduate, but I feel the ties back home are what would stop me from doing so. So diving on plane wrecks of the Second Seeason War, I was just beside myself. Gents – new viewer of your Departures show via Esquire. On one day we asked a local fisherman if he would take us out on his boat or maybe show us a hike through the jungle.


Thanks for the answers – I definitely trust your wisdom and experience because of your statuses as seasoned travel vets. Lisa is a proud member of the Yukon’s Sour Toe Cocktail Clubwhich she joined by letting a dead toe touch her face.

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Or how much money was spent in deparrtures to do this? Netflix Reality TV Series. I love the departures tv show and at one time I had to miss an interview so I could watch the show The episode was about my country Zambia I hope to meet them in person and thank you so much for making departures. Another thing I really appreciate is the perspective in which Departures was filmed.

Can’t recall ever feeling worse. We are lucky to have you all as fans! Anywhere you were happy to leave?

An Interview with Scott Wilson, Host of Departures

We are not Justin and Scotts age. I would view the shit out of that. By the time you’ve had a chance to “see it all” once, the world has already changed.

Will you ever explore Europe for a departures-type TV series?