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Thankfully it isn’t and Funimation is doing an amazing job dubbing it and they don’t censor a single thing. He removed bullets without looking, so he can clearly “operate” blind, and therefore could swap out String Doffy with a rock to take a hit from the real Doffy. That changed my opinion of him and actually made Trebol more frightening than he appears. Then I would say the character and voice actor is a success. For now he’s a joke, but eventually you’ll see he’s pure evil. Aside from him saying there’s a limit, the limit only exists for when the story needs it. Pica really seems like a stalemate Zoro’s on the offensive but cannot manage to touch his real body, this could be the longest fight if neither of them changes their strategy. Your post shall not be removed nor will you be banned for breaking this rule.

However, this is only a general guideline and the actual enforcement of the rule may vary based on content submitted. Law cannot get a hit in at a distance, as his Haki’s too weak and Doffy would just block the attack. And its really annoying to see a dozen or so comments all talking about how the animation sucks. Watch a new streaming simulcast anime episode every Saturday at 9 pm Central. It fit really well into the story. What’s the deal with Bellamy? I wouldn’t put it past Doflamingo still using Bellamy as a shield while he’s unconscious.

In every single current episode discussion, there’s someone giving a pointless negative opinion. Pica’s laugh is what made this whole episode worth it.


What I meant was there anything of the last few chapters that wasn’t in the show?

I do expect a small filler arc just to be sure though, but then again I’m not Toei. Considering the next several chapters, I can see why they decided to bottle this epusode.

Luffy continues to battle Fake-mingo, but keeps accidentally battling Bellamy instead. Be in a text post format. And he can’t really carry dead weight as least he hasn’t shown he can.

The standard is a ton of still frames, shitty animation, and the anime doesn’t start after you fast-forward minutes every episode. I dunno, we also spam and cheer, talk and discuss about the Manga being amazing, deep, exciting and cool. That way stuff stays canon, doesn’t fuck with the story later, and so on. It just makes the community more negative. Ok but seriously, Doffy is a straight savage. They animated half of the next chapter too though.

I guess the ridiculously slow pace makes sense though.

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In his “near-death” state, he’s taken Luffy’s punches time and time again. Tag Spoilers No spoilers in titles. I mean he made a spider ohe in like 2 seconds lol.

I feel like Dressrosa has proved me wrong of all of my previous doubts regarding the arc except for how unnecessary Bellamy is. He was also resting at that time.

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It’s a centuries-old French legend. Yeah except we gotta wait maybe 3 episodes for that fight I guessing. He probably mistook 4Kids and Funimation and kissani,e 4Kids is still going. I can’t believe Luffy just didn’t knock-out Bellamy, he would of lived and not been in his way the entire time.


Bellamy escapes Doflamingo’s control, but it might be too late. The problem is, in both manga and anime, there’s never really any indication how much stamina Law needs to maintain the room.

It was quite an interesting choice. I suppose it doesn’t really matter in what order they are shown, since they’re two separate battles and they want to show off that they’re happening concurrently. Doffy just grabbed his sword like it was nothing.

If a surprise shambles wouldn’t work, he should know damn well regular attacks wouldn’t work either. I hope that crunchyroll going down won’t be a new trend.

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It’s the system, fight the power!! It’s been crap, but then it shines here and 70, where it’s awesome, to then return to being poo. Although, no real explanation was given He will soon go up there and give Law a hand. There was only slightly less blood than in the manga. Yes, they their animation isn’t always kissnaime, but “bad” animation is hardly the standard.

Then what’re they gonna do? This is more of an emphasized guideline than a rule.