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The release prints, which go to four different companies, four different stages, were horrible. French Connection Delayed To February. I Netflixed it but haven’t gotten a chance to watch the full movie, just a few clips. Send a private message to Darren. Dan C , Mar 12, Originally Posted by jaytone. Can he be believed?

The results on Disc 1 looked terrible. What I would object to would be a radical re-design, or a digital de-grain like what was done in “Eyes Wide Shut. Please log in to reply. Email required Address never made public. Looks like some of the special features are even in HD. Amazon says release date of Feb 24th, but they are for sale on Ebay some new, some used. Financially, we are in again.

Send a private message to Mr. Steve MartinMay 13, With a video transfer that connectlon changed the original photographic style of the movie and looked like garbage, yet was supposedly director approved, the disc was one of the most controversial releases on the high-def format.

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William Friedkin Defends Poor Blu-Ray Transfer Of ‘The French Connection’

Mpls, MN Blu-ray collection: Has anyone seen the disc or are there any reviews out there? I readily admit that, but he readily admits, if you call frecnh, that the masters were great.


Send a private message to diamondfoxxx. The film’s action highlight comes in the form of a car chase sequence that is magnificent, leaving viewers breathless in its oaen and excitement. Things such as 3-D, the argument over digital vs.

NOT the version that combined a color and desaturated print, draining the color and doubling the film grain. Send a private message to Paint It Blu.

Of course there probably exists some 16mm fine grain stocks that may indeed meet high definition specifications. Jan Blu-ray collection: Character faces literally glowed. Reviewed by Martin LiebmanMarch 8, Never trust anyone. The release will be available for purchase Find More Posts by Beta Man.

Find More Posts by Clark Kent. But it did seem a bit more desaturated and grainy compared to other movies of the time, almost like a skip-bleach look. Find More Posts by bajor And Roizman was right. August 3, at He had never seen the master. While the print is grain-heavy, I had no problems with the transfer. Frwnch so long as Popeye shoots first. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Altering “The French Connection”; right or wrong?

Send a private message to bajor The time now is Find More Posts by Darren. I brought him in to look at it because he is the guy that discovered the release copies the public bought were horrible.


It is a “color fad” that everyone seems to think they have to apply to their work to make it “pop”. Thomas, “French Connection” was shot on The French Connection Blu-ray Screenshots.

The French Connection Blu-ray: Filmmakers Signature Series | Remastered

From a purely aesthetic perspective, cpnnection portrayal of “Popeye” Doyle may not best his uncanny performance as Lex Luthor in ‘s Supermanbut the part easily represents one of the actor’s finest moments.

The Lord of the Rings: Originally Posted by Grubert. Last edited by Scottie; at So, what really happened here?

Some are upset that the director has gone back and changed the overall look of the film on the new Blu-ray. Find More Posts by PowellPressburger. Send a private message to graf1k. Can he be believed? Technically now a director can achieve anything ocnnection can conceive of.