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Tae-oh finds this amusing. Feeds Articles Trailers Watch Online. Win a Japanese Snack box today! K April 12, at 9: He sure looks familiar… Tae-oh? Mu-yeom wonders if Gap-dong has truly returned, and Profiler Han muses that the swiftness with which Chul-gon transferred suggests that he believes so.

K April 12, at 9: I’m sure The real Gap-Dong is the one locked up all this years in that hospital,the one who was bullied with the breads,spray the wall on Moo Yeom comand I’ve been looking around everywhere for it. Yoon Sang-hyun is just superb in his portrayal. TS April 13, at 6: The first hour was quite character-grounded, which was great in that I absolutely love our hero and find the rest of the characters intriguing.

Noh Ji Wook Ji Chang Wook is a prosecutor who changes jobs to become a private prtner at a powerful law firm. And yet another recap I would follow if you decide to recap it.

Suspicious Partner

Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Looks like I can’t watch this: Maria close and whispers a warning about what her patients are really thinking. No one had better amputate anything.

Already, love to hate the head cop Chul-gon. I’m curious to know why she has these two sides to her. Why Ji Wook despises Eun Hyuk by chtk.

Thanks for the recap and opinion, because now I don’t feel so apprehensive about watching it. Episodes by LollyPip. He ignores her partndr walks by. You do know that this drama is based on true events, right? Maria has a consultation with Tae-oh, asking him to start with talk of his father.


Top Actors Add New Person. She hurries along the road, getting nervous. It’s not that bad, so far.

Gap-Dong doesn’t have a relationship of family with Tae Oh i’m sure,he has his own problems and i hint his dad issues is was made him like this Already hooked on this drama. Ahhhh, I’ll stick with my fondness for the movie over watching this bloated drama series. It was as strong as I was thinking it would probably be, although I was a little surprised that it was strong for different reasons than I expected.

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Mu-yeom is shown to the graffiti and one look is enough to raise his hackles: They wonder what lead Chul-gon could possibly have to prompt him partned on the case. Tae-oh avoids his eyes and Maria takes Mu-yeom aside indignantly to take issue with his high-handedness.

Most of all, what draws me in is the awesomely intense acting of the leads, namely Yoon Sang-hyun and Sung Dong-il who are like bulls butting heads at every turn, practically spitting fire at each other in every scene. As they say, psychopaths make the best profilers.

It really makes her character more interesting. A student eisode how a psychopath could suppress his urges for twenty years, since he has been inactive and uncaught for that long. Looking for something new last night, read the synopsis for this and found it subbed on:. I remember seeing her in other drama.


Can the two team up to catch the forgetful killer? He says he knows what it feels like, that he was told he was a beast too.

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CaroleMcDonnell April 13, at 7: A girl in high school uniform sneaks onto the premises of a Buddhist temple, where she is clearly on close terms with the young monks-in-training who call her noona and the grouchy-faced old monk who takes her to task for playing hooky again. Mu-yeom is upset to hear that Chul-gon has been appointed the new detective squad chief.

Ji Chang Wook Main Cast. Molly April 11, at I usually only download the series that I want for my personal collection. I read your intro here and decided Gap Dong might not be too scary for me so I watched it.

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