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Kay jumps to the conclusion that Carrie – who ‘died’ in a helicopter crash some time ago – is still alive A day in the life of Scarpetta Page Turner: Start at book one and end at There’s a lot of additional blather in the book about Carrie Grethen: Why would you celebrate the biggest thing you ever lost? The ‘Kay crew’ generally find themselves in serious danger from criminals with nefarious plans, and it’s all exciting and compelling.

Return to Book Page. It gives you the feel of how did this person do things to manipulate all these characters that are intertwined together. Scarpetta is unsure what to do or whom to tell, and with no ability to pause or save the clips, she becomes engrossed with her phone and forgets the body before her. Maybe it’s me being picky Her latest release, Depraved Heart, is the 23rd entry in this series. Quotes from Depraved Heart. Obviously paid by the word, wouldn’t you say? One key element of Depraved Heart is the concept of ‘data fiction’.

Soon thereafter, Lucy’s highly secured estate becomes the target of an intrusive search and seizure presumably designed to collect enough evidence to send her to prison. All about Lucy – again – and her deranged, former lover Carrie Grethen who is out to get her and her extended family, out to get them all The daughter of a famous a producer is found dead in her home, the victim of an apparent fall off a ladder.

Aug 18, Mark rated it really liked it Shelves: Lucy has become a spoiled brat and I actually roll my eyes when she is the focus of the plot. I wrote this review to remind myself not to read the next instalment because its clear Patricia Cornwell has plans to continue with her favourite “psychopath is obsessed with Kay” style of plot. Other readers, let me know if you find it. View all 3 comments. It might not be believable, but it somehow worked.

They seem to spin as her aberrant thoughts surge behind him, fueling the evil entity that inhabits her soul.

Difficult to get through and engage with. Click to Read More and View Comments. As I said before, it’s wonderfully written, synopsia that isn’t enough to get around the fact that this book is basically just a filler. Trivia About Depraved Heart S Honestly, if it weren’t for Pete Marino I would’ve given up on this series long ago because not one of the other major characters is likable at all any more.


A day in the life of Scarpetta Page Turner: That was my biggest gripe with this book. She becomes herself an object of suspicion and Lucy, the niece who understands her, has a slender grasp patrricia her own reality.

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All in all, it’s an exciting book and, IMHO, one of the best in the series of late. Kay Scarpetta series, the reader is pulled deep into a psychological thriller that will not let go until the closing chapter.

Nobody can accuse Ms. Scarpetta is not relaxing to cornwelp around, or even to read about. Why would you celebrate the biggest thing you ever lost?

However Carrie is the wicked witch of the plot and Ms Cormwell pulls out all the stops when it comes to her. Is it ocrnwell good as her early books?


I thought of how much time I spend online I admire Cornwell’s professionalism and have rated many of her earlier books 5 stars. Lucy is still Lucy. In the latest novel in her bestselling series featuring medical examiner Dr. I’m getting the the point of hoping they all self-destruct together – the whole dysfunctional lot of them.

I liked that Scarpetta is a medical examiner and is not a detective but she is smart like one since she knows what to look for. I mean, people have tried to kill her before, but it’s getting a bit old. Is Benton lying to her? History begins to untangle as characters are ‘played’ from all sides.

Scarpetta go off into the sunset with Benton.

I would like to see that expanded on – maybe make the books over a couple days, at the very least? Her advice to aspiring authors: Oct 28, Kate rated it it was ok. She is now turning her attention to drone technology which may give the reader an idea of what Carrie will be up to next.


Again, if I hadn’t been a fan I would have just left it for dead.

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More often than not, nothing is as it seems; just trying to keep all the head games straight in my own mind was a challenge, and hanging over it all was the fear that this time, someone might not live to see another book. Thanks for being a part of the tour! Is our favorite forensic pathologist back???

Scarpetta is assigned to a death scene while she is still convalescing from what she believes to be a Carrie assault when she receives a video hearr in her text messages that seems to be a lurid synospis of what was happening between her niece Lucy and Carrie 20 years earlier.

She may be an expert at poking around in dead bodies and analyzing who died and why and how, but Dr. She absolutely goes above and beyond.

This cheap plot device has been used in the last few books to give the illusion of intrigue but it does nothing but undermine the supposed relationships between characters. Other books in the series.

I can’t recommend this book but – in all fairness – I have to note that the reviews are all over the place, and many people LOVE ‘Depraved Heart. Patrlcia Scarpetta’s colleagues don’t respect her.

I was easily caught up in the story and possibilities. Lucy has just become a loose cannon and all of patriciia together are starting to give me a headache.

Although each book has its own story I got the feeling I should’ve at least read the book prior to this one so I was at least caught up. What would he be hiding? Pickle, her long ago gift to her year-old niece is a battered bear, and Lucy, the hesrt, is as wild and twisted as she is brilliant.