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This is the final battle of the main story and this battle is by no means a easy one. Beware he will attack you so make sure you link him on the first try or suffer some damage. Anyone still playing this? Find threads started by Rivvon. It’s MUCH less stressful as there’s nothing that can ruin your plans like an enemy becoming overpowered. Edited April 25th, by Andrew

Since the stage is just a normal map, let us take a look at our enemy’s new pokemon. Amakusa Amakusa 6 years ago 10 I’ve conquered the world at least 38 times and I haven’t missed Reshiram yet. Unite all of Ransei. Find all posts by Candy. I just took a look at their requirements; they’re not as heavy handed as the one of Hideysohi’s. Ignore Posts by Rivvon.

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List of Pokémon Conquest stories

Instead I’d say play someones story like Ieyasu Or Ujiyasa like I am right now as those missions have different requirements that allow you to conquer every kingdom and still play. So overall, this can be a tough battle if you’re not prepared. Originally Posted by Ash July 16th, 7: It’s ok to start from 0 in the episodes, but would be great continue the main story without relation with the episodes. These seven stories have the same objective: More topics from this board These eight stories have the same objective: Find threads started by Rivvon.


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I did my grinding in Ieyasu’s story, except for the warlords I couldn’t evolve episofe the moment, or otherwise hadn’t recruited. There’s a way to continue playing in a cleared episode? Ignore Posts by Rivvon. Your warriors are scattered too the winds, but if you find them again in other episodes their Pokemon are remembered and evolved to the form they where at.

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If you play the pokemon games, you know this attack can last for five turns. Originally Posted by Ash Yesterday I finally finished the game.

How do you think they could’ve done this differently? I must say the hero’s episode was by far the best! May 17th, 8: Any pokemon weak to fire, especially ice, can be killed in one attack of fire spin.

His ability is Omnipotence, which has several effects. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password?


Log In Sign Up. Notably, only female Warriors and Warlords appear in these stories with the exception of Ranmaruwho ends up being forced to participate after he is mistaken for a girl. And after you do that, Arceus will appear in Aurora for you hiseyoshi link with it.

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Find all posts by Satoshi Ookami. If you guessed right, Lucario can easily kill Arceus thanks to his weakness in fighting. After linking with Arceus, you are done here All times are GMT Keep me connquest in on this device Forgot your username or password? Hideyoshi’s Infernape can be a threat if not taken care of. The “senior” Warlords do not appear in these stories, and the starting kingdoms of participating armies are assigned at random.

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