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The girl introduces herself as Katrina, and she challenges him to a battle, sending out Raichu. Pikachu is thrown into Wigglytuff’s face, and she is about to have her revenge when a bunch of smoke fills the area. Misty’s Psyduck Is cast in a Movie. Purin voice Tara Sands Overhearing this from the bushes, Jigglypuff vows to get that part opposite Wigglytuff, no matter what it takes. Arbok and Weezing are not only inspired to continue their acting careers, but more importantly, to seek cold, hard revenge.

To Avoid the current hassles there is this disclaimer for those Who want to use it without permission: Purin voice Tara Sands Season 1 Episode A girl approaches them, and asks if they are trainers. After everyone wakes up from their nap and cleans the scribbles on their faces off, the auditions resume. Wigglytuff walks on stage, feels insulted by something Meowth says, and Doubleslaps him. Weezing and Arbok try to sing, but are also Doubleslapped by Wigglytuff. All of them, but Psyduck.

Schpealbunk approaches, thanking them for making such a grand finale. You are commenting using your WordPress. Brock sends out Vulpix, and Ligyts comes out instead of Staryu like she wanted. Team Rocket, nearby, want to e;isode, but Arbok and Weezing are still upset.

It is only now that Spielturd reveals the plot of this movie: The gang hikes into some shitty camp ground as the narrator tells us that Ash is here to finally get some training done.


Episode 71: Lights, Camera, Quack-tion

He introduces the lead actress, Wigglytuff, who is some kind of chubby, bubble gum pink rabbit or something. FinallyPsyduck summons his uncanny Super Saiyan psychic abilities to destroy the giant claw and fling Team Rocket into the sky, saving the day.

They come across a campground, and decide to stop there. Trivia Cleavon Schpielbunk’s name is probably based on the director, Steven Spielberg.

Lights, Camera, Quack-tion 08 Oct The cameraman asks Schpealbunk if he should stop rolling, but he says not to and tells them to join in on the battle. Add the first question. Edit Did You Know? Heat Minamino voice Akiko Hiramatsu Elsewhere, Team Rocket hangs from a tree over a cliff, hoping they don’t fall. You shall not post this on anywhere for public use You shall not sell this for public use Do not replicate and forward without permission Do not claim this is yours Do Not Translate it into your languange and claim ownership Ash, Misty, and Brock are hiking along, looking for a place to stop to rest and train.

Pokemon 01×71 Lights, Camera, Quacktion!

Audible Download Audio Books. Goofs Cleavon Schpielbunk said he won the “Golden Growlithe,” yet the statue that’s being shown behind him is an Arcanine.

K, good luck with that. But before they can start, Jigglypuff storms the stage despite not participating in the first round, just like a real starlet would.


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A bit later, Schpealbunk is about to start the auditions. Koduck voice Kobuhei Hayashiya Fill in your details below or click an icon quck log in: Kasumi voice as Mayumi Iizuka Mika Kanai Start your free trial.

This joke got old like, 20 episodes ago. A girl approaches them, and asks if they are trainers.

Wow, that was easy. This was their only chance out of their crappy, crappy lives. Misty’s Psyduck Is cast in a Movie.

Use the HTML below. Team Rocket eventually lifts their spirits, but it takes a little while. After everyone wakes up from their nap and cleans the scribbles on their faces off, the auditions resume. Having been in the wilderness for weeks, she is in desperate need of toilet paper, and wants to battle them for their supply. No one else seems to care, having come to that conclusion weeks ago.

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Misty screeches in his face to induce a headache severe enough to trigger his psychic abilities. Follow your dreams, Arbok and Weezing, you beautiful, talented bastards. His name is Clevon Schpealbunk, and he’s a director.