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Ash is then seen in the battlefield with his opponent Dominick. It’s not looking good for Morrison until Gligar uses Guillotine to knock Machamp out. Jessie seems tired and James wonders why they are keeping this job. Corphish gets up and charges through a Shock Wave and grabs Swalot and through it. Morrison thinks fast and has Gligar use quick attack. S8 Episode 32 Like a Meowth to Flame.

Gligar smashes into Machamp with another quick attack and then begins to a barrage of them on its opponent. Chimecho Type Psychic Abilities Levitate. Swalot sends a group of sludge bombs at Corphish who is having trouble staying defensive. Torkoal hits it with a flamethrower and Tropius launches the solar beam. With a flick of his fingers, Tomono has Tropius bombard Torkoal with a gust attack. Swalot seems to be a tough opponent since most of the attacks slip or bounce off its body.

Finally Corphish charges in, throws Swalot, and gets up close and personal to deliver a Bubble Beam that knocks its opponent out! This assures that the large number decreases for the later rounds.

Pokemon 08×36 From Brags To Riches

Later that day, Ash is seen running with Pikachubut then he falls into a hole. His hair is a dark brown and is pushed back. The scene then rises to show the beautiful floating complex that is the Ever Grande Tournament stadium!

Navigation Back – Forward – Top. It tries to use flamethrower on Epksode, but the Pokemon spins its bone to deflect the fire. Gligar smashes into Machamp with another quick attack and then begins to a barrage of them on its opponent.

Ash and Morrison stop arguing and peer up at it. The three are overjoyed and instantly love their new boss. She declares that the preliminary round contained six hundred trainers, which have been narrowed down to a few hundred. The announcer explains the rules as dust drifts across the arena. It does so, and Swalot launches a shockwave. Marowak leaps after it and the two Pokemon collide in a flash of light.


Tropius defends against Torkoal’s and Corphish’s combined attacks. Growlithe tries another flamethrower, but Marowak runs right through it and head butts the Pokemon away. Morrison’s Growlithe and Gligar are up against Marowak and Machamp, and no punches are pulled in this all-out battle!

From Brags to Riches

Morrison tries to have Gligar save his other Pokemon with a fury cutter, but Machamp blocks its attack with a protect. Meanwhile, Team Rocket has finally gotten the break they deserve.

It follows up with an overheat, but Tropius manages to dodge it. They grovel for mercy at his feet, but he just laughs and presents them with food. Ash, Brock, and Max watch intently from the stands.

The bone returns to the ground types hand afterwards. The others topple over in shock.

Tomono then calls out a Tropius and a Swalot, to which May looks them up in the Pokedex. Both are bickering on who is stronger but Morrison leaves since his battle is earlier. Ash calls out Torkoal and Corphish to battle.

If the problem persists, please contact Customer Support. The winner moves on and the loser is removed from the tournament. The scene focuses in on the flame of Moltres burning brightly at the top of the stadium. Swalot sends a group of sludge bombs at Corphish who is having trouble staying defensive. It does a back flip and lands on top of the puppy Pokemon. Suddenly, their boss walks in and they freak out. Gligar is hit by a Dynamic Punch and then a Cross Chop.


Marowak then rushes at Gligar for a bone club and Morrison tells Gligar to meet it head on. His opponent Dominic sends out Swalot and Tropius, which may grant him an aerial advantage. The privacy and security policies differ. He is peering into the guidebook and makes the same deduction that Max made seconds before, adding in that Nurse Joy will be involved.

They open up to reveal a Growlithe and a Gligar. Tyson has also won his first match, and now our Trainers move on to round 2! Meanwhile, Team Rocket sits against a wall in a storage room dressed as vendors. When the dust settles, Swalot is unconscious on the field with smoke rising from its mouth. S8 Episode 32 Like a Meowth to Flame.

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The muscular trainer then has his Machamp send Gligar flying with a dynamic punch. S8 Episode 33 Saved by the Beldum.

Morrison then orders an iron tail.