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They are similar but smaller they have 2 6. They are basically 8 ohm speakers and are very easy to power, dynamic as all get out, taking pretty much what you can throw at them. None currently for sale, but more MAY occasionally show up. We will sometimes post photos of less ‘unique’ parts, if there is a greater chance of them being available in multiple quantities, or on a more ‘repeat’ basis. Museatex Hybrid 6 loudspeaker. Sonus Faber Aida loudspeaker.

It was a literal melt-in-your-chair type of experience. Mystery , Dec 4, Recording of March I have a chance to get a set of polk rta IIT’s for close to what you paid. Im resurrecting an old thread. Q Acoustics Concept loudspeaker. Log in or Sign up.

Vintage Polk Audio Speaker Models

Rosewood vinyl pklk grain finish. Monitor Audio Silver loudspeaker. HyKlasDec 3, A speaker that serkes been dropped, even from a short distance or bumped severely, may likely have damage to the woofers. I just figured they would image better than the sda and monitor series with their vertical arrangement as my room is a tad on the small side.

Actually listen to a pair of vintage Polks, then you would appreciate quality. I was in audio heaven Seems to be a love it or hate it speaker but I’ve never heard any of the larger polks.

Polk-Audio Replacement Speakers / Parts / Spares for sale.

Alta Audio Hestia Titanium loudspeaker. None currently for sale, but more MAY occasionally show up. Maybe I’ll go for it, maybe I won’t.

Tidal Audio Akira loudspeaker. Polk ‘ Signature Logos intact.

Log in or register to post comments. I had the RTA-8ts for a bit and quite liked them! I have a chance to get a set of polk rta IIT’s for close to what you paid. One heck of a score.


According to the conventional wisdom, companies selling consumer products fall into two categories: Medium Oak vinyl wood grain finish. So much for the conventional wisdom! If you don’t see the part you are looking for, simply check the web page periodically as we never know what will show up each day. Log in or Sign up. What a Great Show! Twin Cities Metro, MN. Anyway im not sure why these speakers have so much controversy. No issues with the SL tweeters here.

Shop Recordings Buyer’s Guides More. Your name or email address: Im sure glad i went with my gut instinct and bought these ignoring the negative reviews. They are sensitive to placement.

The sound of those thundering behemoths was everything I hoped they would be. When e-mailing be sure to include a relevant subjectie: Coated, Pulp cone, Cloth dust cap. Some Great Sound on Floor 5. The tweeters are very life like. The RTA 11t features what is generally known in the US as the “D’Appolito” drive-unit configuration footnote 1where the tweeter is placed vertically midway between two woofers. Speaker grills have to be ‘sandwiched’ between foam sheets in large, custom ordered boxes all relatively expensive.

Recording of December Yes, my password is: Slight creasing to Mylar come. Also, parts requests can occasionally take time for us to respond to.

Since we list the parts available for ourselves, it is not much effort to modify the menu’s for aueio publication, which in turn makes the reference information and occasionally the part available to the public.


Welcome to the Polk family!

He likes to listen at high volume and after having them for 3 days, called and said he wanted to return them aufio 1 driver wasn’t working. Im resurrecting an old thread. I don’t think I will lose any money on them should I decide to sell.

Organ pedal tones just stomped the ground and gripped the airwaves something fierce like I don’t think I’ve heard from other much more expensive modern speakers. And I don’t know if it was just unfortunate luck on ajdio part, but 1 of the drivers blew while a buddy of mine was auditioning them at his house.

S L SL The bass is deep and full. Deal passive rts also blocks internal cabinet colorations from reaching the outside world in a more efficient manner than a plain reflex vent. We have started ‘ proactively ‘ using a ‘liquid metal’ epoxy, such as JB weld but NOT ‘JB Weld’, as there’s one that works better for a couple of reasons around the seams between the magnets and plates on all of our Polk speakers and parts-woofers when they come into stock.

In the audio separates market, conventional wisdom would have a hard time categorizing any individual company: Work and sound great.